Driver ignores road closure in Templeton, truck sinks in concrete

January 14, 2023

Driver sinks in concrete in rural Templeton


San Luis Obispo County Public Works is highlighting why drivers should not ignore road closed signs, including providing a picture of a truck stuck in concrete.

The driver of a white truck ignored a road closed sign on Adelaida Road in rural Templeton, and drove into a fresh concrete slurry. The front tires of the truck sank into the wet concrete.

In a photo from another road closure, the county shows an oil trail from a cracked oil pan, which likely severely damaged a vehicle that drove around a closed road sign.

“When you do this, it not only means a potential loss of life and destroying property, it means you’re calling on the already overstressed county resources to aid you in a situation that could have been avoided,” county staff posted on Facebook “Obey road-closure signs and barricades.”

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I hope they charge this dingdong to fix the damages he caused.

Not surprised, many feel laws, rules, and signs don’t apply to them, only to everyone else.

The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

If you just pored some concrete I would think you would at least totally block the area off or leave someone there to make sure no fool like this guy or someones dog doesn’t get stuck in it I know it’s a pain but as you see it is necessary

Unbelievably, the crew put out “road closed” signs to totally block the area off, figuring that even the foolish drivers, during a very stormy and flooded season, would easily know the road is, you know, closed.

Ah! But they did not count on, the MOST foolish drivers of them all!

He thought his 2 wheel drive lifted Cummins could get him out of anything, mid life crisis and divorce and record rain. that’s sexist, I mean they* gotta be woke here to upset the boomers.


why are they pouring crete during these storms lol

Because the roads are damaged and in need of repair.

Most likely capping the road as a quick fix. Might have worked if people would wait until it set up to drive over it.

How about obey ALL laws.

Unless you are homeless, then laws are just a suggestion.

Or unless you’re rich, like The Resnicks. Rich people and homeless are pretty similar. But, there are more good homeless vs rich statistically and psychologically and spiritually obviously. Rich people ruined earth over and over. A few homeless is nothing compared to Musks carbon footprint and psychopathy. Or the Coke brothers, Lockheed, Dow chem, big pharma, CCP, Putin, The Saudis. Rich people are scum everywhere, from Kim to Kim. From Epstein to Trump to Bill Cliton.

Maslow would agree with you. Laws are obeyed by those higher up his chart of self-actualization.

Right… because all homeless people break laws, and those with homes are absolute saints who always pay every last cent of tax they owe.