Grover Beach police use drone to track down stolen vehicle

September 4, 2023


Grover Beach Police Department personnel on Wednesday used a drone to help track down a stolen vehicle and arrest an auto theft suspect.

Police learned of a reported stolen vehicle entering Grover Beach. Dispatchers directed officers to the area of the intersection of W. Grand Avenue and N. Oak Park Boulevard, the police department stated in a social media post.

Dispatchers and officers tracked the vehicle, along with community service technicians who launched the police department’s drone. Eventually, officers located the vehicle and arrested a suspect.

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First the drones were only to be used on the forth, slowly they will use them for other issues until we allow them on a daily bases, who didnt see this coming, but certainly always for a good reason.

Why wouldn’t Grover P.D. use the drones to look for catalytic converter thieves, to catch a habitual prowler or rapist, a serial arsonist, or a fleeing suspect? Who says they can’t fly a drone on a daily basis? Drones are way cheaper than helicopters and are great force multipliers for small, outnumbered units….. just ask the Ukrainians how they like their drones.

How do you know they’re not already using a drone on a daily basis? How can you be certain it’s “always for a good reason” (although it sounds like you’re not really serious about this last assertion)?