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Arroyo Grande police arrest drunken suspect who locked himself inside stolen Tesla

By JOSH FRIEDMAN With some remote help from a Tesla dealership, Arroyo Grande police officers on Tuesday arrested an allegedly intoxicated suspect who locked himself inside a stolen car. Shortly after 12 a.m., a witness reported a suspect sitting in... (Continue reading)

Police arrest vehicle theft suspect in Grover Beach

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Grover Beach police made a SWAT-style arrest of a vehicle theft suspect at a home in the South County city on Monday. Earlier in the day, patrol officers located a stolen vehicle at a home in the... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach police arrest woman driving stolen vehicle

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Grover Beach police officers arrested a woman on Tuesday for allegedly stealing a vehicle.  After being alerted to a vehicle that had reportedly been stolen in the Southern California city of Vista, officers located the car in... (Continue reading)

SLO police arrest wanted felon driving stolen car

By JOSH FRIEDMAN San Luis Obispo police officers arrested a wanted felon whom they allegedly found driving a stolen vehicle early Thursday morning with a ghost gun and ammunition inside.  Officer DJ Peck spotted a car without plates at a... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach police use drone to track down stolen vehicle

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Grover Beach Police Department personnel on Wednesday used a drone to help track down a stolen vehicle and arrest an auto theft suspect. Police learned of a reported stolen vehicle entering Grover Beach. Dispatchers directed officers to... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach police use drone to catch auto theft suspect

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Amid a surge in stolen vehicle cases, Grover Beach police officers used an infrared drone to track down an auto theft suspect who was hiding out overnight last weekend. Grover Beach officers have recovered three stolen vehicles... (Continue reading)

Grover Beach police recover stolen vehicle

By KAREN VELIE Grover Beach police officers tracked down a stolen vehicle Wednesday evening and arrested a woman who was inside the car.  Police located a BMW convertible that had been reported stolen in Atascadero. Officers stopped the car as... (Continue reading)

Patient carjacks ambulance and leads police on chase

In a bizarre sequence of events on Sunday, a man went from being strapped to a gurney and on his way to the hospital to leading Southern California law enforcement on a nearly 70-mile chase in a stolen ambulance. Along... (Continue reading)

SLO thief returns a second time to steal military truck, gets caught

A thief who stole a 1970 military troop carrier in San Luis Obispo and then returned it got caught in the act as he tried to steal the large truck again Thursday morning. [KSBY] The truck, owned by Central Coast... (Continue reading)

Military vehicle snatched from SLO parking lot, then returned

A suspect or suspects stole a 1970 military troop carrier that was parked in a San Luis Obispo parking lot Wednesday evening, then later returned the large vehicle as officers were searching for it, according to the San Luis Obispo... (Continue reading)