California voter approval of Newsom sinks to all-time low

November 7, 2023

Gov. Gavin Newsom


California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 44%, according to a new poll. [LA Times]

The UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies conducted a survey of California voters in late October that was co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times. The poll showed Newsom’s popularity has declined as he has attempted to grow his national profile. In recent months, Newsom has been campaigning outside of California in support of President Joe Biden while also attacking Republican governors. 

Newsom’s approval rating declined 11 points from February, when 55% of voters approved of his performance. Meanwhile, disapproval of Newsom’s performance has reached 49%, the highest it has been. Newsom’s disapproval among California voters increased 10 percentage points from earlier this year.

The governor still has 66% approval among Democratic voters. However, that represents a 16-point decline from February. A quarter of Democrats now disapprove of his performance, compared to 12% earlier this year. 

Among voters with no party preference, Newsom’s support dropped from 49% to 37%.

When asked about Newsom taking on an increasingly prominent role in national Democratic politics, 45% of voters approved while 43% disapproved. Half of the respondents to the poll approved of Newsom’s recent trip to China, while 39% disapproved. 

“He’s kind of taking on a new persona,” said Mark DiCamillo, director of the Berkeley poll and a longtime California pollster. “He’s no longer just the governor of California. He’s a spokesperson for the national party and basically voters are being asked to react to that.”


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I voted to recall him. I bet if there was a recall today and a good Democratic replacement he would be relegated to the garbage heap of California’s political misfits.

If the replacement was a Republican probably a loss. California will never elect a Republican governor even if his name was Jesus Cristo.

I hope he runs for president so we can get rid of him and it will be fun watching him lose to Trump like Hillary did… A California governor that has a low approval in CA will never be president of the country….