Resnicks donate $20 million to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo

March 1, 2024

Stewart and Lynda Resnick


After receiving a $20 million donation, Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo is honoring the donors by naming the new facility the “Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Success Center.” The center will prioritize personal and professional development as key components of  the university’s learn by doing philosophy.

The 25,000 square-foot Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Success Center will feature a professional development center for career services, programs that support Cal Poly’s growing numbers of first-generation students, and student diversity and belonging cultural centers.

“Student success happens when universities align professional purpose with personal identity,” said Keith Humphrey, Cal Poly’s vice president for student affairs. “That is exactly the conditions Cal Poly is creating within the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Success Center. I’m excited for our students to amplify their success when we open the doors to this transformational new facility in the core of campus.”

For years, Beverly Hills billionaires Stewart and Lynda Resnick have been eyeing influence over management of the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin. However, more than 70% of the public voted against their plan to prioritize the basin.


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You see all these big money contributions to colleges which is great but why with millions in their accounts do they charge so much for a student to go there?