Car strikes bicyclist in San Luis Obispo

February 29, 2024


A car collided with a bicyclist in San Luis Obispo on Thursday, causing the person on the bicycle to suffer minor injuries.

Shortly before noon,  a caller reported the crash at the intersection of S. Higuera Street and Suburban Road. Investigators do not suspect alcohol or drugs factored into the collision, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

An ambulance came out to the scene, and medics treated the bicyclist.


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Let’s be more courteous, respectful and accommodating toward bicyclists, skaters and pedestrians. Is that really too much to ask?

Let’s continue to make SLO County more bicycle and skateboard friendly.

Skateboards got no reason. In general, it’s an oxymoron to speak of skateboards and “friendly” when referenced in the context of sidewalks, pedestrians, and traffic. Electrically powered skateboards compound the issue even more. Now hoverboards, flying platforms and jet pack flying suits are a horse of a different color – no problem.

Skateboarding is not a crime, It is appropriate and absolutely legal for skateboards to use bike lanes. in fact, we should probably not call them bike lanes. They are much more than that.

To paraphrase a guy from the north county: Bicycles are hard to see. Was the bicycle tailgating, lanesplitting, or traveling in the car’s blind spot?”

Another possibility and common occurrence: The cyclist may have been proceeding straight ahead in the bike lane while one or more vehicles were turning right. In general, it is not customary to overtake traffic on the right. Drivers do not anticipate cyclists or other vehicles passing them on the right as they turn into driveways or side-streets, although they should watch out for that very scenario. Likewise, when cyclists in the bike lanes are traveling faster than slowed traffic in the lane adjacent to the bike lane, they need to be mindful of drivers making right turns, even if the driver failed to signal that intent with their turn indicators. (Based on how infrequently you see them used nowadays, one has to assume that many new cars no longer come equipped with turn signals.) Technically, cyclists should be passing slowed/stopped/right-turning traffic on the left of the vehicles (when safe to do so), as is customary for all vehicles. Smart, safe, accomplished cyclists know this and may still maneuver their bikes in a proper fashion. However, in todays’ environment of excessive green paint, Coney Island pavement signage and channelized death lanes, some cyclists are lulled into a false sense of safety/entitlement and may ride right into avoidable collisions with other vehicles.

That’s a bad intersection…. and bike riders really should walk their bikes in any crosswalk… I think its the law…

Bike lane is part of the road, you don’t use a crosswalk. There is no such law

Have you seen that intersection?… I wouldn’t ride my bike across that street… bike lane or no bike lane… just because you can doesn’t make it safe… be smart…

If there is a delineated crosswalk, and if a bike wishes to use that marked crosswalk, the bike rider must walk their bike through the crosswalk. Either you are a cyclist or a pedestrian, pick one. That is the law.

Same exact location where Sal Lopez was killed on his bike. There’s a ghost bike right there. There’s *no* bike-centric infrastructure there. It’s the drivers….

You’re absolutely right and readers are downvoting you. Don’t know what happened here, but plenty of cars take right turns, crossing into bike lanes and cutting off cyclists or pedestrians. Photo on the article makes it look like that’s what happened.

Cyclists, and all other vehicles, generally should never overtake traffic ON THE RIGHT. Vehicles (includes cyclists) overtake ON THE LEFT when safe to do so. Because of this systematic designed-in flaw and conflict that arises with bike lanes and regular traffic lanes, operators of both vehicles need to be observant and mindful of the other’s presence.