More people plan to leave California in 2024 than any other state

June 17, 2024


Amid the high cost of housing, taxes and gas, California leads in the number of people planning to relocate to another state in 2024, according to Consumer Affairs.

From 2020 through 2023, California’s population dropped by 1.4%. This includes a slight increase of 0.17% in 2023.

Primarily citing the high cost of housing, the number of Californians planning to leave the state in 2024 has swelled to 17,824. Consumer Affairs analyzed information from 143,506 Consumer Affairs users who are planning to move in 2024.

States people plan to leave in 2024

State                     Leaving           Moving to             Net migration

  1. California            17,825             7,371                  -10,453
  2. New York              5,997             3,807                    -2,190
  3. New Jersey           3,773             1,924                    -1,849
  4. Illinois                  4,772             3,144                    -1,578
  5. Washington           5,004             4,171                       -833
  6. Maryland               2,880             2,134                      -746
  7. Massachusetts       2,850             2,219                       -631
  8. Colorado               4,895             4,374                       -521
  9. Pennsylvania         4,466             3,985                       -481
  10. Connecticut           1,832             1,370                       -462

Even though New York has the second highest number of people planning to move, the number one online search for moving routes is from Los Angeles to New York, according to moveBuddah. The second most searched route is from New York to Miami.

The South appears to be the most popular area to relocate, according to Consumer Affairs. Florida, with a lower cost of living and no personal income tax, leads in migration.

With housing costing approximately half what it is in California, Texas is the second most popular state in the nation for migration.

States people are moving to in 2024

  1. Florida                            16,259
  2. Texas                              10,602
  3. North Carolina                  7,970
  4. South Carolina                  5,585
  5. Tennessee                        5,291
  6. Georgia                            5,059

Since 2005, at least 237 companies have left California with the majority relocating in Texas, according to California Policy Center. In 2023, Texas led the nation in job growth and creation.

As companies leave California, lower than expected tax revenues have left California with a budget deficit of $56 billion over the next two years.


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Bloomberg Economics: ‘I Live in Hell’: Anti-Growth Fervor Grips US South After Pandemic Boom,,,”Local groups are pushing for restrictions on new developments, saying an influx of residents has strained resources.

In Sumner County, Tennessee, the number of apartments in the county seat of Gallatin almost doubled from 2018 to 2022. In Gallatin, Tennessee, house prices have jumped by two-thirds since the pandemic, and one local commissioner incensed at nearby homebuilding said she “lives in hell.” So many Californians have moved to the booming state that locals fear their lefty politics migrated with them, and lawn signs target the “greedy developers” they say are swallowing up farmland.

Tennessee and several of its neighbors in the US South are facing an anti-growth backlash, after turbocharged migration helped boost the region’s population by 2.7 million people — the size of Chicago. As traffic snarls in once-sleepy downtowns, apartment complexes replace meadows and municipal water systems strain under new demand, passions….blah blah blah.>>>>> 1.7% of 40,000,000 left California? Pffft. It would be helpful if 17% moved back. That might help to ease our horrible traffic, pollution, and rapidly recurring droughts.

Long ago Horace Greeley said ‘Go West, young man.” It’s time for them to go home. The Golden State is foundering under the weight of too many people. The cost to provide goods, services and infrastructure is overwhelming CA.

1.7% doesn’t make the commute any less miserable or ease the stress of recurring droughts, and environmental degradation.

Ironically, the southern states are goin’ full NIMBY at the prospect of all those families that went west moving back east.

Now the south can enjoy a taste of the urban sprawl, pollution, mind-numbing traffic, soaring real estate prices, overtaxed infrastructure that plagues California….. and no way to pay for it unless, god-forbid, they start charging people the actual cost to live in a community with all the goods and services a community demands.

One of the reasons people move is because they have made so much money from real estate price escalation in California. And contrary to popular belief, when you add up all taxes and fees, California is nowhere near the highest tax rate of all the states. More like 20th out of 50. Do the research.

in any case, California is easily one of the greatest states with the greatest weather, great recreational opportunities, etc.