Regulators will not take action against Paso Robles mayor

June 16, 2024

Paso Robles Mayor John Hamon


California regulators did not have enough information to find Paso Robles Mayor John Hamon violated conflict of interest laws, specifically because he has not voted on contracts at the airport that impact his financial holdings.

Shortly after state regulators found Hamon had violated conflict of interest laws regarding vacation rentals, local activist Julie Tacker questioned whether or not he also has a conflict of interest regarding the airport. Hamon leases several properties at the airport, and then subleases some of the property to others.

On Jan. 27, Tacker asked the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) to look into a potential conflict of interest regarding Hamon voting on the selection of and a contract for a new fixed-base operator (FBO) at the airport. A vote that is set to occur on Tuesday.

The FBO also leases property from the city at the airport which the FBO subleases to others, creating the alleged conflict of interest.

Hamon responded to Tacker’s complaint by stepping off the FBO Ad Hoc Committee, while reporting the city did not think he had a conflict of interest.

In its May 20 letter to Tacker, the FPPC says Tacker provided insufficient information to show a conflict of interest.

“The Enforcement Division will not pursue an enforcement action in this matter, as there was insufficient information provided to establish a potential conflict of interest under the Political Reform Act,” according to the FPPC letter. “Specifically, there is insufficient information that some of the items voted on by Hamon were decisions regarding contracts.”


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This guy ought to stick to garage doors.

Oh Paso again. He must be a Democrat because Democrats gets hounded for everything. Except Democrats who used the American flag to thrash cops, break windows, break down doors and punch holes in the walls of one of our most scared buildings. The US Capitol. Patriot Dems who rioted are good ones. Right?