Heat kills large number of fish at Lake San Antonio

July 8, 2024


Monterey County officials are warning the public that extreme heat has killed a large number of fish in Lake San Antonio.

After discovering dead fish floating in the lake, the county contacted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. State employees determined extreme heat depleted the water of oxygen leading to the fish deaths.

Temperatures around the lake hit a high of 113 degrees on Saturday.

While the county is advising people to avoid the dead fish, they say the carcasses pose no risk to people or pets.


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On warm summer nights during an algal bloom the dissolved-oxygen concentration of the water sometimes drops too low for the fish, and a die-off can occur. This can occur as a result of purely natural conditions.

These climate change people are getting more clever all the time! Probably plastic fish bought at Tom’s Toys. HOAX!!

No, these are Chinese made fish from Hobby Headquarters and Jesus allowed this and they will rise from the dead like Lazarus. You just wait and see. Not a Rusky radioactive isotope anywhere in sight. If anything, the invasive pikeminnow instilled a new fish gov to create a chaos scenario to distract us while they grow Bananas on native land forming a new Gov.

Tom’s Toys? You’re dating yourself, and haven’t been downtown for a couple decades.

Tom’s is there in business.

Maybe I’m missing the joke/context, or perhaps you haven’t been downtown for 20 years?

Toms has been on Higuera St. for at least 2 decades.

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