Comment Voting

Comment Voting Frequently asked questions.

On CalCoastNews readers can vote on a comment left below an article by a registered community member. We sometimes get a question or two on how it works.

Community members post comments and any reader can vote the comment up or down. In the case of a comment getting lots of up or down votes the color or placement of the comment may change over time as the votes come in.

Q I posted a comment and someone down voted me !
A Don’t worry, readers will vote over time so the number of UP and Down votes will change with time.

Q I made a mistake down voting or up voting someone’s comment, there’s no way for me to fix that.
A Correct, it can not be fixed, If it is a good or not so good comment, accidental vote’s wont hurt it in the long run.

Q My comment received a lot of down votes and it’s hidden. Hacksors! It’s censorship!
A NO, your comment is hidden because the other readers don’t like it for some reason. It’s still there.

Q This comment received a lot of down votes will the moderator delete the un-loved comment?
A No, unless it violates our comment guidelines.

Q Can anyone vote a comment up or down?
A Yes anyone can vote. You must be a registered community member to comment, but anyone on the internet can vote.

Q:I notice that on every page where I have left a comment, the Thumbs Up/Down has been grayed out, making it impossible to check-mark. This occurs despite the fact that the Thumbs Up/Down is operative on the other comments on the same page.
A:You can not vote (thumbs up/down) your own comments.

Q I think the staff are manipulating the voting against me because of their left/center/right politics!
A No the staff get one vote like everybody else, perhaps your comment was just not well received by the community?

Q I want to vote on a comment but it’s grayed out.
A Someone in your home or workplace has already voted, the anti fraud tool only allows one vote per comment per location.

Q I want to vote but I can’t vote on any comment/ can’t see the icons to vote etc
A You must have JavaScript allowed for and Also you must use a proper modern browser.

Don’t like a hateful comment? Vote it down. Appreciate an insightful response? Vote it up!

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