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The anatomy of a great leader

OPINION By LEANN AKINS Every great leader has certain qualities or characteristics which make them a great leader; great leaders have a certain make-up which allows them to lead fearlessly, with graciousness, and with strength. But where do these qualities come from? Are they learned or are they inherent? This brings us to the question […]... (Continue Reading)

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Arroyo Grande manager clearly violated city policy

OPINION By LEANN AKINS You may or may not have read my letter which was published on the CalCoastNews last week. You may or may not remember I spoke at the Arroyo Grande City Council meeting on Tuesday night. You may or may not care that I have opinions related to how you (as a […]... (Continue Reading)

Arroyo Grande City Council behaving badly

OPINION By LEANN AKINS I am writing this letter to share my thoughts on the current situation facing Arroyo Grande residents and the city leaders. I have not lived in Arroyo Grande for long (close to two years), but the recent unethical behavior of the mayor, the city manager, and other members of the council […]... (Continue Reading)