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We managed the saltiness by limiting the amount of sauce clinging to the gnocchi and by dabbing bits of sauce with the bursting-with-whole-grain bread. As strongly as I tend toward healthy food, I still prefer a good French bread or similar crusty white bread with a fine meal.

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Restaurant Review: Urbane Cafe makes a dubious Splash

By LOUIS  BISHOP So, I’m on my way to change my account from a national bank of ill repute to a local credit union and I’m thinking of stopping at a corporate sandwich shop just to balance things out. There are many such places to choose from these days in SLO. Of course, there are […]... (Continue Reading)

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Restaurant review: Raku rocks us all night long

By LOUIS  BISHOP For those of us who think that dining out in San Luis Obispo, frankly, sucks, there is a new kid on the block and her name is Raku. This darling of an Asian-fusion restaurant, open but a couple of months, is a game changer for our decreasingly-pathetic cuisine scene. Variously promoted as […]... (Continue Reading)

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Restaurant review: Robin’s a smashing success

By LOUIS  BISHOP It is hard to think of a vegetable more symbolic of a season than pumpkin in autumn. So symbolic that most of the effort seems to go into turning them into icons rather than into food–pumpkin pie being the only notable exception. But, sensing the need to bridge the gap, Robin’s Restaurant […]... (Continue Reading)

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