About Us


ABOUT US CalCoastNews is San Luis Obispo County’s  on-line independent news source producing in-depth investigative news in the public interest. We do this by preparing articles on issues ranging from government schemes to financial fraud, from the fleecing of the American taxpayer to the plight of the homeless.

WHAT WE WILL DO CalCoastNews will continue to focus on truly important stories — stories with a public interest. By investigating unsavory business and government practices, we will stimulate positive change. We are non-partisan and adhere to the strictest journalism ethics and standards. Our objective is for advertising to become a source of sustainable funding.

WHY NOW Investigative journalism is at an impasse. Today’s newspapers are suffering from time and fiscal constraints. As a result of numerous layoffs and budget cuts, investigative reporting has been squeezed down and, in some cases, out. The watchdog function of the media is increasingly perceived as a thing of the past. This is a time when new models of journalism are being created to help maintain the media’s important watchdog function. The trend is clear: on-line journalism is the future. However, the bulk of news sources on the Web rely on unoriginal news and opinion. CalCoastNews has expanded to provide readers with calendar, news briefs and features, but with an ever-vigilant emphasis on investigative reporting.

Floyd Norris How to Go Broke, in Style, The New York Times November 18, 2009