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Adi Jones

Freelance writer Adi Jones divides her time between Morro Bay and Eureka.

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Movie review: Sherlock Holmes

BY ADI JONES The new ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is a truly modern adaptation that derives very little from the original master sleuth. Robert Downey, Jr. plays a sharp-minded, genuinely clever, Holmes who dabbles in boxing and alcohol with equal gusto. Jude Law co-stars as Watson, portrayed here as Holmes’ equal on many levels — not the bumbling... (Continue Reading)

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Movie review: Avatar

BY ADI JONES James Cameron’s newest release “Avatar” is certainly a film that will be remembered for years to come. Having grossed $77 million in its first weekend, it is certain that one thing is true — Cameron’s still got it. Like JRR Tolken before him, Cameron had to wait for technology to catch up... (Continue Reading)

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Twilight sucks — let me count the ways

BY ADI JONES The Twilight phenomenon is widely accepted but not necessarily understood.  The popular books, written By Stephanie Meyer, have very quickly built up a cult-like fan base. Complete with swooning teens (and even some swooning mothers of teens), squealing and screaming fans and even some pushing and hair pulling at the recent midnight... (Continue Reading)

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