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Hilary Grant

Hilary Grant has been a resident of los Osos for decades.

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My daughter’s health insurance company couldn’t care less

OPINION By HILARY GRANT Looking back, it all began when my smart, beautiful and spirited teenage daughter was in first grade. Her teachers told me Katie could hear perfectly well, but darn it, she just didn’t listen. Treated as a behavior problem for years, I now know that, in fact, my child was physically unable […]... (Continue Reading)

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Down the rabbit hole with Golden 1

OPINION By HILARY GRANT It’s not a pretty thought, but here goes, just the same: when I heard that an armed thug had handily made off with $4,000 from The Golden 1 Credit Union in SLO in May, I knew a bit of karmic justice had just taken place. After all, its employees had already […]... (Continue Reading)

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