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Matt Strzepek

Matt Strzepek past candidate for San Luis Obispo City Council.
“I am the only candidate for city council who has offered practical, common sense solutions regarding the issue of homelessness in our city, including: creating a practical parking program at interested businesses and houses of worship in addition to designated city parks located away from residences and businesses; making some bathrooms accessible overnight; restructuring the services offered at the Prado Day Center and Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter so that they are more efficient and transparent; and getting those with mental health issues the assistance they need.”

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San Luis Obispo City Council candidate promotes change

OPINION By MATT STRZEPEK Greetings. My name is Matt Strzepek and I am a candidate for San Luis Obispo City Council. Strzepek means “cloth” in Polish and I am running to weave our community back together. Like many of you, I am concerned about the homelessness in our midst and, in particular, the recent arrest […]... (Continue Reading)

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