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Ray Weymann

Ray Weymann is a graduate of Cal Tech and holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Princeton. He lives in Atascadero.

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Climate change revisited

OPINION By DR. RAY WEYMANN In January 2010 I wrote an essay for CalCoastNews entitled “The Climate Change Challenge.” It is interesting but sobering to see in what ways the picture has and has not changed since then. A good portion of my 2010 article was in response to misinformation from a local office seeker […]... (Continue Reading)

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The climate change challenge

BY DR. RAY WEYMANN In a recent essay on this web site, (“The Climate Change Hoax”), Matt Kokkonen correctly calls attention to three facts regarding climate change and global warming and manages to draw erroneous conclusions from each of them: 1)  “Dissenting experts” claim that global warming is cyclical 2)  “Dissenting experts” also point out […]... (Continue Reading)

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