Coming soon to your SLO town: The Minutemen

February 12, 2008



Paula James feels both a sense of excitement and apprehension about introducing into the San Luis Obispo County culture the newly-formed Central Coast Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

Excitement, she says, because there is “a lot to do” in the area of illegal immigration. Apprehension, because hers is a darkly unpopular cause in some local quarters. That unpopularity is something she acknowledges, but still doesn’t fully understand: “All we are asking is that federal law be followed,” she said Tuesday.

The group seeks to enforce a specific section of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act passed by Congress in 1996. Under Section 287g of the Act, methods are outlined for local governments to get involved in immigration enforcement.

The Minuteman organization has been very active along the California, Arizona and Texas borders with Mexico, but until now has had no presence in SLO County.

James – president of the Central Coast chapter “by default” – said there are members throughout SLO County, from Paso Robles to Nipomo.

“Many are very shy about coming forward,” said James about her members. “No one is quite certain what the reaction is going to be. So many people believe they are the only ones who think the way they do about this immigration problem. We are trying to get across that a lot of people feel the same way. It’s our First Amendment right to tell the government it’s time to stop abusing the taxpayer.”

Law enforcement should be encouraged to cooperate, she said. “This has been a problem in California for 15 years. We are being bankrupted. Illegal immigrants have even gained special privileges. So now our plan is to focus on specific things that can happen in a community… if people are so motivated.”

The chapter plans a meeting February 20 at 7 p.m. in the Santa Maria Inn. A Border Patrol Auxiliary member and a member of the Minutemen will be featured speakers. Call 805-720-4316, or e-mail James at

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Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 7/31/08

The minutemen are a valid community activist organization.

They represent all our civil rights: the rights of legal citizens to live safely from illegal immigrant crime, and free from them exhausting all our tax-subsidized social programs.

Why do we have a story about the Minutemen, but not one about The National Council of La Raza, MECHA, MALDEF, and LULAC? It couldn’t have anything to do with biased, lopsided, selective, reporting among most reporters, could it?

By: Anonymous on 3/17/08

What would Jesus do? (That’s pronounced heyzeus.) And remember, when you curse an illegal immigrant, don’t speak with your mouth full.

By: Anonymous on 2/28/08

This organization is exactly what the 2nd amendment is all about! They are defending us from a foreign attack and also from a domestic attack from the lefty loons that want America to be a socialistic country.

We will prevail on both fronts!

By: Anonymous on 2/24/08

I know what grad means,,do you know what

“get a job means”?

By: Anonymous on 2/23/08

Wow, you know how to fake a name on the computer. I’m impressed. Now go back to your Pabst Blue Ribbon and bag of pork rinds, you fat POS…

Oh, and failed education? I’m a UCLA grad. Do you know what grad means?

By: Anonymous on 2/22/08

Sorry for the spelling error. I am just a product of the failed education system.

My teacher taught me hot monkey sex and we skipped the spelling that week.

By: Anonymous on 2/22/08

Minute Men wrote: “but then if democrats had any brains they’d be republiocans!”

I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. If this closet KKK wanna-be had any brains, he’d know how to spell.

By: Anonymous on 2/21/08

Love it, I see the things here showing up in “mainstream”

Love the coverage on TV of the woman saying “It’s profiling” “What they are doing is illegal and if they want something done, they should make a law” I pissed myself laughing at that one.

By: Anonymous on 2/21/08

Build the fence now! Send troops to the border with shoot to kill approval, deport these illegal mexican thugs…every last one of them. English only now! End bilingual education and issue school vouchers. Charge the Mexican goivernment for the costs to house their criminals in America.

In the end we will have only legal immigrants and we can get on with building the richest and most powerful nation in the world.

So simple to someone with a brain…but then if democrats had any brains they’d be republiocans!


By: Anonymous on 2/18/08

What does the Spanish flag have to do with illegal immigration? Check a map, dude. It’s like saying we support the British because we have an Australian flag.

I’m just amazed at how many people left the comfort of their trailer to find a computer that they could post their ignorant, racist babble.

Here’s an idea. The illegal aliens here in Central CA have all agreed to go back to their homeland … as soon as you return to your compound in Northern Idaho.

By: Anonymous on 2/17/08

[Mexicans go home]. Come out to my place to play. God won’t help you there. I’ll handle this one.

By: Anonymous on 2/16/08


If the teachers would teach rather than having sex with their students you may see a shift in the results…Better spellers rather than sex maniacs.

We need voucher schools NOW!

These lefty loon sex pot teachers have to go!

Merrit pay would have them all in the poor house. While the teachers at voucher schools would be driving luxuty cars!

School vouchers NOW!

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

I’d heard that mostly kooks who are spelling-challenged, posted on here regularly. I just had to see for myself. Should have worn my hip-waders, because I’m suddenly feeling rather grimy.. and rather ashamed at my fellow human beings.

So nice that this site has given a home to the racists in SLO County (it must get tiresome worrying that your sheet will catch fire at the rallies.) But for God’s sake, would you people learn to spell?

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

Why are people afraid to come out and SAY that they want the hordes of illegals out?

It’s the money, its economics.

People want them gone until they realize that they will have to pay a decent wage.

I do not mean the $8.00 an hour California minimum wage, I mean a wage that someone can get by on.

Without Mexicans, where would the wine “industry” be? The owners say that they are paying a fair wage to field labor…. No, They are paying “fair wage” to an agency who packs them all in here and the AGENCY pays them crap and that makes Mr and Mrs “I made billions in Real Estate selling out the city we came from, but we always dreamed of moving here and having our own winery” feel better that THEY themselves aren’t exploiting the cheap labor and making the hoi-palloi absorb the fallout. They are MUCH to fabulous to be bothered with who is taking care of the medical problems, housing problems and imported crime.

They clog the hospitals and roads with uninsured bodies, unregistered and illegal vehicles.

Mexicans go unnoticed until we need them or they are in our way.

SLO is more stuck on its own petty self image than L.A. is.

Don’t think so?

Try this: (no WWW)

Tell me WHY the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce’s OWN website has the flag of the nation of Spain on it’s website?

I know there are lots of German tourists and SLO may as well be France, but are there that many Spanish nationals?

How many people even KNOW what the flag of Spain looks like?

Where is the Korean website? The Japanese? The Portuguese??? They don’t matter, as long as you are “Spanish” or “Latin”, not a “Mexican”.

If so many people just ignore this as a problem anyway, make it official. Send them home.

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

Sorry Dan and Readers,

I let my opinion get in the way of good taste. Probably a good idea you deleted my previous flaming post.

By: Anonymous on 2/15/08

To our loyal readers and correspondents: We do not want to delete or edit any comments from you, because a free-wheeling exchange is good for everyone. But please — use some judgment with language selection. We do have some standards!

By: Anonymous on 2/14/08





By: Anonymous on 2/14/08

And it is my right to disrupt any minuteman I come across.

By: Anonymous on 2/14/08

And it is my right to disrupt any minuteman I come across.

By: Anonymous on 2/14/08

By the way, most all of the facts and sources cited below by the anti-Mexican are propaganda from questionable sources. Much comes from Lou Dobbs who is notorious for slanting his “news” and is documented to have, and in some cases has even admitted, that his “facts” are absolutely incorrect and taken from scurrilous sources.

In fact, it has been reported that on a per capita basis, illegal aliens, (aside from their illegal alien status, commit LESS crime in the U.S. than U.S. citizens.

But there is a racist, fearful, scape goating mentality that fuels anti-Mexican propaganda resulting in much misinformation circulating and being quoted on the internet as if they were facts.

Meanwhile billions of dollars are being spent and thousands being killed in Iraq.

By: Anonymous on 2/14/08

I’m glad we can help our neighbors to the south. And if more move to California, that’s fine with me. Let’s make more of them citizens if that’s what they want. No big deal.

I’m not scared, I’m not frightened, I’m not threatened. Life will go on. Let God bless us all. We are all brothers and sisters.

What would Jesus do? He certainly wouldn’t run scared and spread fear and loathing toward our fellow human beings.

As humans we would do well to provide good healthcare for EVERYONE, whether poor or rich.

What limits prosperity is fear and lack of compassion for our fellow human beings. We are all connected through God, Mexicans, Americans, everyone. We are all one.

Love is the answer. It is the courageous choice.

By: Anonymous on 2/14/08

Illeagal Immigration IS bankrupting our country, and, in particular, California. The Governator needs to trim some 13 billion from our budget. Enforcing our laws would be a good place to start. For those of you who need a wake up call, please visit our local emergency rooms, any public school or construction site! I welcome the minutemen.

By: Anonymous on 2/14/08

It’s almost comical how this issue brings out the worst in people. While the issue of illegal immigration is one of the most important facing our country, it is not why we are bankrupting this country. The illegal war in Iraq and our constant nation building is costing us a hell of a lot more than the figures detailed here about illegal immigration. If you are really concerned about the money side of this issue, let’s focus on bringing our troops home and letting Iraq rebuild itself. And while we are at it, why don’t we bring our troops home from the Korean border, Germany, Japan, and everywhere else our imperialist policies have spread.

The other reason why we are bankrupt is that we are printing money out of thin air and not backing it anything significant (like gold) any more. Need more moeny? Print it. Cause of inflation? Look no farther.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Minutemen in Central California rounding up all of the illegals in the area. Maybe after you accomplish this and no longer need to patrol your area, you can go work on the farms, because, uh, they’re gonna need a few people.

And before some of you dismiss me as a “leftist,” know that I’ve never voted Democrat in my life.

By: Anonymous on 2/13/08

Bring us the minute men. They have nothing to do with racisum. Our country and our state needs the help.

By: Anonymous on 2/13/08

Illegal aliens, Mexican and otherwise, are NOT bankrupting California. (Us citizens are doing that quite well all by ourselves, thank you very much.) If anyone thinks otherwise, show me the numbers. American’s are profitting from the work and consumer spending of illegal aliens, and if that were not the case, believe me, there would have been a more severe crackdown on it long ago.

I love Mexico and the Mexican people. If there is a way to help more of them become LEGAL visitors and send more money back to Mexico to help the very poor and hungry, let’s do it.

I’m not going to run scared and fear that my life will be ruined if some of the wealth and prosperity of the United States spreads south of the border.

If we want to stem the tide of immigrants arriving from the south, better to cut the vigilante rhetoric and support U.S. and international trade policies and practices that benefit the Mexican lower classes.

A positive approach to this problem will be much more effective in the long run.

And need I remind anyone that California WAS part of Mexico at one time. Now it is part of the U.S.. How do you think THAT happened?

By: Anonymous on 2/13/08

Go back to Germany you Nazi cracker

By: Anonymous on 2/13/08

There are over 300 grooups across the country with the word “Minuteman” in their tiles,the group Mrs. James Represents has “no affiliation with hate groups”, but rather only wishes to encourage our legislatures to uphold the rules of law that Californians are entitled to as “AMERICAN CITIZENS”, JUST AS ANY OTHER CITIZENS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF “.THIS” COUNTRY.And there was only the term “Illegal Alien” used nothing about any specific races of people, so please do not start with the profiling jargin here.

By: Anonymous on 2/13/08

There is a silent majority who is fearful to speak up on this because they are petrified of being called “racist”. Well race has nothing to do with the fact that a person has pride in his or her country and is sick of seeing lawlessness and 3rd world country conditions creeping onto thier block. Millions of dollars of my tax money are being thrown away LOCALLY on people from foreign countries who demand nothing from thier own government then spit in my face and call me ‘gringo’. Now if that isn’t racist, then certainly belonging to “La Raza” proudly is. Anyone who uses the race card simply has no factual argument and is being ignorant. Facts speak to this problem – its a HUGE problem for anyone playing by the rules. Stand up to the rich, grimy politicians who are calling you the sheep and spending your paycheck daily on illegal aliens. Do you not care about the conditions your children inherit?

By: Anonymous on 2/12/08

What has the KKK to do with enforcing the law? The KKK is a law-less organization which chooses secretive violence and threts to intimidate and oppress. If you think these organizations are the same and carry the same message.

Oh, and on the pot-luck, It’s your choice, tacos and chirrios or cheeseburgers and apple pie.

By: Anonymous on 2/12/08

Are we allowed to wear our white robes and hoods?. Is there going to be a potluck?. What should those whose last names begin with K bring?