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March 14, 2008

Since its launch in January, has carved its niche in San Luis Obispo County, reporting on subjects that other local media won’t, or can’t. We have done so in the belief that an informed public is better than the alternative, and that quality journalism and an open forum can increase transparency in government, honest business practices, and community participation.

Now it’s time for us to dig even deeper into the issues that you think are important: education, transparency in government, financial fraud, the fleecing of the American taxpayer.

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Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 3/23/08 [Delete]

Things are gettin kinda lean here at the Blog…I wonder why? Maybe because Blackburn & Velie are still lookiing for unsafe & "tainted" soil and water at the Atascadero Youth Center. Remember those stories? Kinda neglected to back them up with any facts. Meanwhile, lotsa local govt. docs. show otherwise. Wait, maybe the FBI will still prove Atascadero officals are FEMA money frauds. Yeah right! Hold your breath for that one. FEMA says otherwise. The real frauds are are these New Times rejects and so-called jounailists! Nonetheless, people need a place to read what they what to believe – and here it is.

By: Anonymous on 3/23/08 [Delete]

Why send money? They have KVEC and Dave Congalton in their pocket!

They will do fine on their own now.

Not to mention an advertiser for booze & tobacco!

That is certainly socially responsible! NOT!

By: Anonymous on 3/22/08 [Delete]

Wow, looks like some real sad 'people' posting here. If you 'people' don't like the stories, go away. We are all aware this county has more than it's share of jerks. You can get your jollies listening to KVEC from 9 to 3 everyday for plenty of fodder for your mindless rants. I listen from 3 to 7, and read the stories here, for real news. Dan and Karen are reviving the long absent and crucial aspect of journalism that reminds me of muckraking-finding and exposing to the light of day secrets and democracy robbing hidden agendas of those who operate in the dark.

I came here to donate; because of the absurd comments of some posters I will increase the amount I planned to give.

By: Anonymous on 3/21/08 [Delete]

Yes Dave…You are the only one!


By: Anonymous on 3/20/08 [Delete]

Am I the only one who realizes what a total moron "Tired of Liberal BS" is?

Check out his post:

"This is more a gossip site which may be fine for some, but most of us want to digest real news and not just reports from anonymous sources."

So it's OK for you to post under a fake name but you don't want news stories based on anonymous sources. Oh. OK.

By the way, KVEC has been around for 71 years. I wish the same for Dan & Karen.

By: Anonymous on 3/20/08 [Delete]

When KVEC and Congalton throw their support to anything it's future is bleak.

It's like the new black panther party throwing it's support to Obama! Big mistake!

This is more a gossip site which may be fine for some, but most of us want to digest real news and not just reports from anonymous sources.

So Dave, if this site uses annonymous sources what is your problem with anonymous posters? See? You just made my point…as the radical left often does when they open their mouths.

ps: I love the cigar in the bottle ad…reminds me of Bubba and his "monica cigar". Thanks!

By: Anonymous on 3/18/08 [Delete]

This blog rocks! Way more response than other blogs I've seen. It even is starting to get sponsors. Which is more than Dave can say.

By: Anonymous on 3/18/08 [Delete]

Yup, this site is taking off. They now have kvec as a sponsor. How much is that bringing them? How come el dorado will support this site but will cut its own news staff? Hmmm. If I were Ben Greenaway I might be a little pissed that they have money to support other news sites but none for its own.

By: Anonymous on 3/18/08 [Delete]

Show Me:

I post under my own name on this site, unlike you. I'm willing to put my name to my opinion. Meanwhile, this site speaks for itself. Look at all the comments being posted, look at the attention that they're getting. You can't find fault in a single story posted thus far. All you can do is whine about the lack of advertisers. They will come in time. I know of no other media operation that has come this far, this quickly.


By: Anonymous on 3/16/08 [Delete]

To Show me..

You are clearly envious.

By: Anonymous on 3/16/08 [Delete]

Robert & John, you two sound a little too desperate.

But the "Other papers and the TV are already stealing uncoveredSLO stories." comment takes the cake!

Thanks for the laughs.

You sound a lil like congalton under cover!

And get this, and get it good, NT is making money. If you like non profit companies start one. Until then shut the hell up and quit your whining!

ps: I do not, nor have I ever worked for any news organization. "Paranoia strikes deep". Seek professional help

By: Anonymous on 3/16/08 [Delete]

To the person who tells Karen & Dan to "stop running lose with the sources and facts". You don't know who the sources are and there has never been one single fact that can be disputed as unfounded. Just because you don't know who the sources are or what back up (proff) they offer doesn't make it lose. It just makes you ignorant. As for the NT. They decided to write fluff. This is now the North County alternative web site where we can get the real news that the advertisers(like WalMart and Estate Financial) and politians can't block with $$.Anyone on the up & up should appreciate this paper and advertise here if they're doing honest business.

By: Anonymous on 3/16/08 [Delete]

What the heck is the matter with this 'Show Me" character? There is a large mix of citizens in these blogs. The stories Dan & Karen write are good for all the citizens and helpful. This site is deffinetly an alternative news source and the NT no longer is. Not only do I know that "Show me"is a competitor but it looks like I know which paper he's with! The advertising will come. The money will come. Its a short matter of time. Other papers and the TV are already stealing uncoveredSLO stories.

By: Anonymous on 3/16/08 [Delete]

Proof is in the pudding. Look to the right>>> All 3 sponser boxes are empty! You can't argue with that, paranoid or not!

This is just another gossip site that gets a few hits and some liberal verbal diarea.

If it were anything else, the sponsers would be flocking in to get a piece of the action.

As I said before, dig in and do the hard work to build credibility. Stop running lose with the facts and sources and pay your dues then maybe this site will finacially viable.

Until then, quit trying to tell me who and what I am and what "other paper" I may work for.

Trust me, if I did work for another paper I would not spend my time here. This tiny start up site will not displace anyone or anything.

It is here to serve the radical left on the central coast that are still crying in their soy milk about "losing" New Times.

Get a hobby.

By: Anonymous on 3/15/08 [Delete]

To Show Me..

You sound envious. I agree with Joe Blows deduction as to who you are. This paper is blowing other papers and reporters right out of the box. Everything they write is factual and backed with evidence. The only people who call them are lose are the ones that have something to hide.

By: Anonymous on 3/15/08 [Delete]

I will do a late night infomercial for starving journalists. For $100 a day you can feed Dan and Karen.

Come on now! sign up

By: Anonymous on 3/15/08 [Delete]

Hmm, I guess the checks from Keller Williams and Re-Max had a stop order put on them…

By: Anonymous on 3/15/08 [Delete]

Hey Show Me —

Blow me. These two are for real. What have you done lately (probably other than report for a competing paper)

By: Anonymous on 3/15/08 [Delete]

Show me good journalsim and I will send money. As for now you are too new and still reaching too hard. You are way too lose with the facts and sources.

By: Anonymous on 3/14/08 [Delete]

I sent my money. I encourage others to do likewise.

I do not know Blackburn or Velie, but I appreciate the service here, and I would guess things are going to be tight around their office until advertisers get clued in.

I encourage all regular readers to send them some money — anonymously as I did if you want — to keep the boat floating until the Coast Guard gets here.