New Times has new editor

April 7, 2008

San Luis Obispo’s weekly New Times has a new editor. He’s Ed Connolly, according to New Times General Manager Bob Rucker.

Ryan Miller will return to his old post at New Times’ sister publication, the Santa Maria Sun, which he edited prior to his stint at the SLO weekly. Miller will remain executive editor of both newspapers.

Connolly becomes the third New Times editor since the April 2005 death of founder and editor Steve Moss. Jim Mullin resigned after publishing a controversial article on the meth drug problem in San Luis Obispo County.

Connolly started his new assignment today, and was already working on stories, noted Rucker. The executive first said he didn’t want to discuss changes in detail until his own newspaper has the opportunity to announce them in its regular issue Thursday. Later he said he planned to issue a press release today.

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Member Opinions:

By: Anonymous on 4/18/08

Thanks for the current article on how to join the Klan! Very informative.

By: Anonymous on 4/16/08

"One gets the impression that the New Times folks are afraid to ding the Tribune because they never know when they might want a job there."

You don't 'ding' other media unless it's truly warranted because it looks petty. In three years, I've done it once. I can't speak for the new staffers, but Karen and I never entertained the notion of going to the Trib, even when things got a tad turbulent on the homefront.

By: Anonymous on 4/11/08

Thanks for the input Dave.

A local blog with some teeth in it is just what Karen and Dan are providing.

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08

Dear Bloviating —

Actually I have not taken off Comments Moderation on my site. I continue to remove pointless comments and personal attacks.

And thanks for telling me I'm full of shit, but I am correct about Dan and Karen's impact on local journalism. The Tribune got the hard money story completely wrong when they originally reported it .

Look at all the traffic on this site and tell me they're not having an impact.

Don't use your obvious dislike for me to discredit the great work that is happening on this site.

And what do you do to make this a better community?

By: Anonymous on 4/10/08

Dave (radical marxist} congalton said:

"Dan and Karen have reinvented local journalism"

lol! dave you are so fullashit!

This site is kicking your site's ass, so you took off comment moderation on your sites comments!

Don't take yourself too seriously…we don't!

By: Anonymous on 4/9/08

News item: New Times editor Ryan Miller moved from San Luis Obispo to Santa Maria, and the average IQ of each city rose.

By: Anonymous on 4/9/08

An executive editor oversees all the other editors. For example, the Trib has a sports editor, a business editor, a city editor, opinion page editor, etc. They all report to the executive editor. At a daily paper, having that many layers of editing is important since there's too much for one person to be in charge of each day, so each editor is in charge of his or her own department and briefs the executive editor on what's going on.

By: Anonymous on 4/8/08

It's comforting to know that the Anonymice exist on this site, too.

In terms of New Times replacing Ryan Miller, I think UncoveredSLO gets some of the credit/blame. You'll notice at the Tribune last Friday they announced that Business Editor Julie Lynem was being freed up to write longer pieces. Now New Times is bringing in someone with more investigative reporting background.

Some of the Anonymice love taking cheap shots at, but when you see the wave of comments posted after almost any story and hit about all the visits Dan and Karen are getting here, well, it's no surprise.

Dan and Karen have reinvented local journalism in less than three months of operation. New Times and the Tribune have to play catch up and keep themeselves credible.

Ryan Miller is a nice guy, but he never had the fire in his belly for ball busting reporting. He'll do better with the soft feature stuff that they love in Santa Maria.

So that's my opinion, for what it's worth, but at least I put my name to my opinion! Only the Anonymice can do is go squeak! squeak!

By: Anonymous on 4/8/08

Does this mean God has been banished from the New Times temple? (Ryan Miller is famously religious.) Is the New Times going to stop resembling the Tribune?

One gets the impression that the New Times folks are afraid to ding the Tribune because they never know when they might want a job there.

A friend (and very good writer) proposed a piece to Ryan Miller on the housing crash, and Miller basically told him to drop dead. "Not interested." Whew.

By: Anonymous on 4/8/08

Nothing that is sadi by this radical socialist liberal makes any differance whatsoever!

Blah blah blah! typical soros lib jibberish!

Him and his radical lefty wack-a-loons! what a joke!

By: Anonymous on 4/7/08

This is great news.

Has Dave Congalton released a statement about this yet?

By: Anonymous on 4/7/08

Wrong interview, right fit: New Times hires new editor

Award-winning veteran investigative reporter Ed Connolly has taken over as editor of New Times, the paper announced Monday.

Former Editor Ryan Miller will remain at the paper as Executive Editor and will also assume responsibility for the production of New Times’ sister paper, the Santa Maria Sun, for which he is also Executive Editor.

Connolly first found his way to New Times after applying for a proofreader opening—then he wandered into the wrong interview, one for an opening at the Sun. Miller said it quickly became clear Connolly’s skills made him a good fit for New Times.

“Ed sort of fell into our laps here at New Times,” Miller said. “He was too good of an asset to pass up.”

Connolly took over the post on Monday, April 7.

Connolly is a longtime investigative reporter, technical writer, and freelance writer who has spent most of his career in Silicon Valley and New York. He has produced national-level stories on topics ranging from the relationship between U.S. businesses, weapons, and China’s People’s Liberation Army to the powers of civilian militias. His work has appeared in such outlets as the San Francisco Bay Guardian, L.A. Weekly, The Nation, and the TV news program Dateline.

“Ed has consistently produced the type of stories that challenge the powers that be,” said Bob Rucker, who is co-publisher, along with Alex Zuniga, “and that makes him a perfect fit for New Times.”

By: Anonymous on 4/7/08

what is a "new Times"? That some throw-away paper like the Gazette?

By: Anonymous on 4/7/08

If it means more Santa Maria and less SLO, it certainly sounds like a demotion.

But in truth, I don't think so. I think the executive editor sits in the big chair and makes policy decisions; and the editor edits the paper, though not necessarily for taste.

Let's watch for the news release.

By: Anonymous on 4/7/08

I am not a journalist type. Can someone explain to me the difference between Editor and Executive Editor? Is Miller being demoted? If so, why? More details, please.