Hurst’s Miller alleges Shores brothers defrauded investors

April 6, 2009
 Jimmy Shores said he doesn't like to be photographed.

Jimmy Shores said he doesn't like to be photographed.


Prominent North County developer Jimmie Shores says he doesn’t have to repay a $700,000 hard-money loan because his brother, Ronnie Shores, stole the money, while Hurst Financial President Jay Miller, maintains the Shores are trying to defraud investors.

“I don’t think he (Jimmie Shores) had any intention of building anything,” Miller said. “He never even took out the permits. I took them out and paid for them.”

Jimmie Shores received two short term construction loans in 2006 from Miller, in turn, Miller placed 20 private investors, lured by the promise of high returns, on the property deeds of trust as fractionalized holders.

Those initial loans were to mature in early 2008, but Shores has not reimbursed investors, and ceased providing the agreed interest payments of $4,166 a month after receiving his loan.

Located in northeastern Atascadero, the lots at the dispute’s center are part of a small subdivision of single-family homes.The lots currently are bare except for a tangled crop of weeds.

In response to a foreclosure action initiated by attorney Peter Josserand, Jimmie Shores, the owner of a number of local businesses including a Beacon service station on El Camino Real, offered investors 25 cents on the dollar to forgive the loan. He claimed he had received only $15,000 of the $700,000 he was promised from Hurst Financial, but that he felt sorry for the investors and wanted to help out.

Copies of canceled checks appear to show Jimmie Shores was fully vested by the end of 2006.

In his defense, Jimmie Shores informed investors that his brother, Ronnie Shores, forged his name on the checks and stole the money. Ronnie is reported to be a frequent companion of developer Kelly Gearhart during high stakes gambling jaunts to Las Vegas. Jimmie then agreed to up the ante and provide investors 50 cents on the dollar in exchange for their forgiveness of his indebtedness.

“Jimmie didn’t get the checks, Ronnie cashed the checks and took the money,” said Josh George, an attorney with the law firm of Cumberland, Coates & Duenow representing Jimmie Shores. George added that because Ronnie Shores picked up the checks from Hurst Financial, forged them, and then withdrew the funds shortly after depositing them into bank accounts, Jimmie Shores is not responsible for repayment of money he never received.

Asked about the allegations, Ronnie Shores waved his hand in the air, made a grunting sound, and ended the interview by slamming the front door to his home.

According to Miller, the Shores brothers had received loans for numerous projects they had built in the past, and that the checks in question had been placed into an account held jointly by the brothers.

The civil case will be heard in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court on July 8.

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Member Opinions:

By: Harlow on 4/14/09


I have been asking that question for nearly a year now, according to Graves, Miller was in complete control and he was just the patsy.

Yeah, RIGHT!

By: insider on 4/13/09

And how did David Graves slip away owing so many?

By: Harlow on 4/13/09

You see….it goes SO much deeper! There is also a Stinchfield Borba connection which can be seen on the David Graves, Tefft, Nipomo investments.

Stinchfield had investments on that property and Claudette and Valerie Borba were escrow officers and notarizing documents

By: DashRiprock on 4/11/09

Those of us that have been around awhile all knew it was extremely puzzling an idiot like Gearhart was raking it in, don't get me wrong, we all have the right to stack as many chips on our side of the table we can can as long it is legal…problem is, he had too many enablers….cuesta title, greedy lenders, young slick SLO city RE brokers…made for the perfect storm…it just amazes me these county DA's with balls the size of feild mice haven't hauld him in….incredible…guess they have been paid off.

By: Haveaniceday on 4/11/09

I can't wait to one day see Kelly Gearhart and the Shores brothers picking up trash on the side of the road with the other convicted felons. I went to school with the lot of them and they stunk back then too!

So, what is the reason they are still out roaming around free? Pigs belong in the pen.

Yeah, I'm bitter, my parents invested alot of money with Gearhart, thru Stinchfield Financial. (Against my advice). They have since passed away. Thank God they don't have to be all stressed out about the money and worry about living expenses.

What a sham. By the way… Is Stinchfield Financial all on the up & up? Mmmm.

By: Fedup on 4/11/09

Gearhart was the best man at Shores wedding. Hmmm!

By: starvingmexican on 4/11/09

It was a known fact that Gearbrain was a rip off artist and you idiots couldn't loan him enough.Suck it up dude your toast.

By: insider on 4/10/09

Ask Estate's victims if they will take 50 cents on the dollar.

By: hotdog on 4/10/09

Right on Newsome, the smart money is hanging on.

By: Newsome on 4/10/09

Macgruber: I don't understand.

Was it a "no recourse" loan in which the borrower pledges the property only? If that is the case, then maybe 50 cents doesn't sound so bad. However, if the money can be recovered from other assets held by the borrower, I, too, would hold out for that.

By: Macgruber on 4/10/09

Why wouldn't you take 50 cents on the dollar, I wish I could have 50 cents on the dollar for my stocks, and mutual funds, I am not greedy and would take that in a heart beat, instead you will waste a bunch of money on lawyers another couple of years stressing about it and probably get 2 cents on the dollar, for some it's the principle, I understand where you are coming from, for the people who are now broke it is just stupid not to take an offer like that.


To Intheknow: It definitely means they are both prominent citizens and will almost CERTAINLY be elected Citizens of the Year by our most wonderful Chamber of Commerce!!! Just look at the track record and you will see how they do SUCH a great job….. gack


McDave seems to derive little comfort from this site, whether for or against the rantings of some. I guess this is not the information he so richly deserves, and he probably should return to the pablum of the TT. Just a thought….

By: Cindy on 4/10/09

To Truthbeknown

If you go back and read Dumpster Chronicles 3 from December you will see that CCN made the connection between Hurst, Cuesta and Gearhart back then. CCN even mentioned Melanie by name as a culprit. There is no new news in the Tribune although they did elucidate a bit more on the Cuesta connection.

By: InTheKnow on 4/9/09

To KnowsTheTruth,

These guys had the Gearhart, Hurst, Cuesta connection, and that Snider moved to Colorado with Kelly's brother Doug four months ago, and as I recall, you said it wasn't true.

By: Al on 4/9/09


Simple and to the point…well said. I suspect Miller is "cooperating" but Gearhart!!! For sure willing to grease any palm. His political contributions with my money were repulsive.

By: DashRiprock on 4/9/09

Somebody please explain to me why Mr. Gearhart and Mr. (Hurst) Miller are free men…people are rotting in prison for much less, please, somebody tell me who they are paying off.

By: Truthbeknown on 4/9/09

Cindy on 4/9/09 said: "Interesting article about the collusion between Hurst Financial, Cuesta Title & Gerahart in the Tribune this morning."

Indeed, Cindy – it's good to see there are some real investigative reporters in this county!

By: steelman on 4/9/09

As a person who knows Jim Shores well, I feel for him and the investors….I am amazed at the level of Fraud committed at so many levels by Hurst Financial

By: Cindy on 4/9/09

Interesting article about the collusion between Hurst Financial, Cuesta Title & Gerahart in the Tribune this morning.

By: starvingmexican on 4/9/09

Shores hires many poor immigrants.They are Great Americans.The rest of you are pathetic red-neck hicks.

By: hotdog on 4/9/09

It's always the same questions that determine these things-where is the project, where is the money? When both are gone thieves have been at work.

Miller is the ultimate crook, but many of the developers are a close second (Gearhead, Shores etc). The article is accurate and a simple look see at the bumbling, stumbling gyrations of the three crooks and fools before us leaves no question.

If anyone actually has some hard data to share that defends any of them then let's see it. Otherwise…

By: CitizenCane on 4/8/09

Don't you folks see the writing on the wall? In 2007 the Atascadero Chamber awards Kelly Gearhart as Citizen of the Year. In 2008 its Grigger Jones and this year it is the illustrious Wade McKinney. The Shore Brothers are just hoping for a shot at Citizen of the Year in 2010.

By: Al on 4/8/09

Entonces, donde esta este el juevon Ronnie? Y donde esta el dinero? puto

By: starvingmexican on 4/8/09

I know these brothers and your all wrong about them.

By: starvingmexican on 4/8/09

hairy palmed, sister shagging, red faced, fat fingered, puss gut, stinking, fetid, north county retards.

Gringo,your a racist moronic fool.

By: InTheKnow on 4/8/09

Besides steeling money that belonged to group of seniors, I though the brothers inherited most of their assets. I’ve heard a few of the seniors accepted Jimmies offer of 50 cents on the dollar because they couldn’t wait until the case goes to court. They can’t afford to cover their bills and eat because their retirement has been pilfered. Jimmie paid them only one interest payment then stopped and kept their money.

Does this mean that in North County, these brothers are prominent members of society? Scary.

By: mcdonald on 4/8/09


I want to get a life. Please ask the Shores to return my 400K investment that was stolen.

While your at it read the story again, you say "The Shores brothers are long time prominent developers/business owners and have worked hard for everything they have". Thats not what Jimmie says!

By: BIG_SMILES on 4/8/09

To Annoyed,

Just how hard did the shores brothers work for that last 700K? Hey somebody give me a loan application!

By: Fedup on 4/8/09

To Annoyed:

That's "hearsay". It seems like you're the one who needs to get a life. Using the excuse that my brother stole the money so I don't have to pay it back is totally idiotic. The Shores are, and always have been, a couple of dirt bag Kelly Gearhart wannabes. I know for a fact that at least one of them is a wife beater to boot. I hope that this time these two crooks will get what's coming to them.

By: Nameless on 4/8/09


You are so full of it. But its OK, you are not the only ones. Many investors of EFI had a hard time seeing the truth. Why would you be any different. One of these days, you may come on this site expressing your regretunder an other name. In the meantime keep drinking that COOLAID.

By: BIG_SMILES on 4/8/09

JImmie Shores built a big new home for himself over on San Gabriel a couple of years ago.He also built a new car wash over on San Anselmo around the same time and re-vamped his gas station on El Camino. Doesn't sound like he is doing so bad to me. The fact is that Hurst released 700K of investors funds on a project that wasn't even started. That is just BS. Where was the over site that was promised to the investors? Hurst needs to answer for this and those who took money for their own purposes need to cough it up. Maybe Jimmie could let us all know where Ronnie's assets are.

By: George on 4/8/09

Truthbeknown> bans are temporary, right now one impostor remains banned for asshattery.

By: Fedup on 4/8/09

To Booty Juice:

Many(if not most)of the people that were fleeced by these unscrupulous crooks are elderly. Many are WWII veterans who risked there lives so you can have the right to spout your worthless drivel. You might take a lesson from these real Americans who, unlike chicken s**ts like you, didn't hide behind anonymity when this country was in its hour of need.

By: hotdog on 4/8/09

Nameless-all your comments are reasonable but one. Only two people are rotting in jail, and they are from EF. The crooks at Hurst and his (hit it booty!) borrowers are still having martinis on us. Gearhead is riding high in Ohio, HF Miller is selling his home after selling off all his other assets (spare property, exotic M/cycles and cars etc) that we bought for him. Justice for us is slow in coming, if at all.

By: Truthbeknown on 4/8/09

ThomasPaine on 4/7/09 said "George, to allow the continued rantings of Booty and his ilk is inexcusable and detracts from the otherwise good work that you do."

Incoherent and defamatory rantings are fine, Thomas . . . just don't criticize the "reporters" or you'll be banished from Cal Coast Enquirer!

I do have to agree with Booty on one point, though. It's always better to manage your own denaro.

By: Nameless on 4/8/09


You have a straight forward explanation and a slight coloring to what happened.You are right about watching your own money. My question to the investors; How many time have you visited the projects your money went into? Have you ever talked with the builder when your money was not paid off on time? Weren't you wondering who pays the interest on your investments for years after the loans matured? Just a few questions and maybe a visit to the site would have made difference. Would I call you stupid for not doing so? Of course not. Has any one asked questions until the checks were coming in regularly? Not at all. Now the results are in. The main culprits are rotting in jail, while we all stewing in anger. Who was stupid, or careless? I think we all should look in the mirror. Not enough jail time will pay back the suffering caused by the shysters.

By: Al on 4/7/09

So Booty, who do you trust? Inquiring minds want to know.

By: Booty_Juice on 4/7/09

Wake up and smell the meth lab.

During the last dozen or more years I have been pitched hard be every single crook and snake oil salesmen on either side of the grade as well as all of their in-laws and out-laws. Every name you have read in the papers and more have made their case. Every godam one of them. None got a single dime of my coin. Just because someone builds a project or three with Other Peoples Money and pays back the loans does not preclude them from being pig eyed, incompetent, corrupt, or crooked.

Open your eyes and look around.

Atascadero is not a victim of some unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances that somehow managed to miss all the other central coast towns, on the contrary it is a decaying shit hole for a very specific reason: The people that run the joint are idiots and, by extension, so by and large are the people that live there.

There is not one single person in all of north OR south county who you should trust with a dime of your money and I challenge anyone here to dispute that. Manage your own f*cking money. I don’t care how busy or rich you think you are, your money is your responsibility. If nothing else, the cost of your self imposed ignorance is too high and effects too many who rely on you and who deserve better from you.

Get a f*cking grip.

By: shingh on 4/7/09

I note all your frustrations and concerns nothing is being done. Those of you who have information of Wrong Doing, Crimes, Bribes, Federal Fraud, Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, Corruption, Bank & Wire Fraud, Perjury, Filing false loan applications and Perjury, Racketeering, or any thing you think maybe a Crime, report all that you have to:Email to and keep a copy for yourself, or give it to Calcoast, FYI one of the persons involved is apparently on his last breadth in a local ICU hospital if he dies evidence goes with him if he lives then he will be questioned since he already has a Federal Wrap. Hang in their and report all Crimes and what ever you do, DO NOT tell your elected official they may be the target of such investigations.

By: Al on 4/7/09

I am not a bird from the North County but still patiently waiting for "The different investigative branches are still trying to get their arms around this whole mess before corralling these thieves." The thieves deserve a good flocking.

By: DashRiprock on 4/7/09

North County birds of a feather flock together. Just wait, the hammer coming down and excitement hasn't even begun to start. The different investigative branches are still trying to get their arms around this whole mess before corralling these thieves.

By: hotdog on 4/7/09

Tom Paine-don't go away. You have good intent and ideas. I float between your civility and Booty's venting. The damage done by the damn n%(**9ldlkhjd^(*&%# crooks in our county is almost incalculable. The absolute fact that so many live or do their misdeeds in North county certainly lends credence to Booty's rants. I am sure the feelings out there are bordering on violence, and that is well placed given the carnage caused by the miscreants we speak of. Its fun to see a diversity of expressions here as long as they stay within some bounds, whatever they are (I guess up to George).

Frankly I see little reason to maintain any restraint when discussing the EF, Hurst, 21st Century and other crooks. The victims have been thrashed by the crooks and lax government oversight Any beating up on them will elicit a rapid and strong response.

By: ThomasPaine on 4/7/09

Venting is good. A difference of opinion is good. That is not what has been taking place. Have fun…

By: Nameless on 4/7/09


Isn't it better to vent your anger in writing than what many others would prefer? Let every one have their say so. The damage done to so many by so few is incompressible. I am afraid more revelation is in the works. In the mean time, please do not load your guns.

By: ThomasPaine on 4/7/09

George, to allow the continued rantings of Booty and his ilk is inexcusable and detracts from the otherwise good work that you do.

By: Booty_Juice on 4/7/09

The only surprise here is that Atrashcabama public officials and law enforcement have not yet been linked with these idiots. It is not possible to know anything about these guys and be surprised about any of this.

It is also not possible to know anything about Atrashcadero city gubberment / law enforcement and have any hope that it will ever be anything other than what it has always been – a rotten, decaying, corrupt, backwoods, inbred, piss soaked, lice ridden, drug addicted, booze fueled, vomitorium.

By: Fedup on 4/7/09

The fact is that the majority of duped investors (Hurst, EFI, etc.) are not from northern San Luis Obispo County. They are from south county, other areas of California, and other states as well.

By: mccdave on 4/7/09

Booty Juice is the only entertaining writer on this site and a welcome relief from its dreariness. But if Paso residents want to confirm the diagnosis, they should definitely get all upset about it and maybe file a libel suit.

If CalCoastNews was smart — and they're not — Booty Juice would have his own column here.

By: hotdog on 4/7/09

Paso Guy,

Booty certainly comes up with some colorful descriptions of north county weirdos (not all the folks there, just the crooks and other undesirables). I agree with George, personal freedom is important (even in derogatory prose) but insulting those who have no choice in their situation (skin color, IQ or other brain or body situation) is off base. We have seen and will see this county is riddled with crooks and liars, those who would sell out their mother for a buck (EF, Hurst etc). Referring to those folks in negative terms allows us the passion and anger we so deserve. And since it seems the north county has so many crooks I can certainly see where Booty has license to slam them. But, I have many good friends up that way who are just as horrified as Booty, so we obviously have to take his words as referring to just the bummers.

Your passion is allowed, though I think misplaced. The writers of these articles are horrified with the lax attitudes and performances of public and private citizens in our midst-that is precisely why they expose the dirt. I don't find that a joke.

By: Paso_Guy on 4/7/09

George,… the rest of Booty's ranting is OK? Had he left retard off his sentence, you would be fine with that? "Sister shagging" is fine? What a joke you and this site has become.

By: George on 4/7/09

The factually is apparent.The slurring of developmentally disabled folk is discouraged.

By: mccdave on 4/6/09

And golly, if that Beacon station is the flagship of the Shores empire, they should be able to recover upwards of $7.95 or so. Is this the facility in question?:

By: mccdave on 4/6/09

Booty's characterization is harsh, but can anyone dispute it factually? If current trends continue, the authorities are going to have to wrap the entire north county in crime scene tape. My personal experience up there confirms the preponderance of morlocks and retards.

Property mania made a lot of people crazy, but it's staggering to see how f-ing nuts it got up there in Crackerville.

By: George on 4/6/09

"We want our site to be a place where people discuss and debate ideas that foster stronger communities. We built this for you. Please take care of it. Tolerate broad thinking, but take action against obscene or hateful material. Make it a credible and safe place worth preserving and sharing."(stolen from the Gazette)

Booty> your final slur is crossing that ill defined line.

By: DashRiprock on 4/6/09

Everyone should have known if a moron like Gearhart could make returns like he did it was a red-flag…if any of the bankers actually had a personal conversation with the idiot and still felt confident enough to lend him money they deserve everything they have coming to them. If you knew him you knew he had absolutely no talent or knowledge about real estate, he happened to catch a false wave at the bottom and rode it to the top being the Gullible Carp he is..thought it would never end….then went down in flames…do Cuesta Title, First Bank and Heritage Oaks Bank sound like sleazy bed partners? yes, you are right, they looked the other way…..they should burn also…

By: Nameless on 4/6/09

Wow!!! How do I sign up for loans? I just want more. Who are these morons?

By: Clemintine on 4/6/09


Have you ever considered counseling or medication? Doesn't the staff perscibe that stuff there at ASH.

By: Booty_Juice on 4/6/09

I guess the term “progress payment” is defined by north county morlocks as “progress over to Jay’s place for full construction advance payment on the empty lots”. Who cares what the contracts stated. And who could possibly be surprised by the time honored north county defense of “well see first Ronnie picked up them there checks and then Seanie got to drinkin’ and snortin’ with Kelly and them all decided to cash them there checks and then…”

Nothing here is a surprise. Everything in this story is exactly what anyone with half a brain would expect in any business dealing with hairy palmed, sister shagging, red faced, fat fingered, puss gut, stinking, fetid, north county retards.

By: Al on 4/6/09

While I find this story fascinating it leaves one important thing out. Jay Miller gave them the investors money without oversight. My loan doc's (for a Gearhart loan)stated that progress payments would be made to Gearhart as construction progressed. He gave ALL the money up front and therefore committed fraud to us investors. I imagine these loans were similar. Jay Miller is as guilty as these brothers.