Ask Edge: Define harassment

May 21, 2009

Recent reports of the firing of county administrative chief David Edge include admissions by Edge to The Tribune that he supported his second in command by providing her a book called “Getting Naked.” Gail Wilcox responded by leveling a “hostile workplace” complaint.

Thanks to KSBY interviews with Edge, you can now view our county’s ex-leader explaining how he did nothing wrong and how deserving Wilcox was of her promotions through the ranks. [KSBY]

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Member Opinions:

By: paperboy on 5/26/09

Edge went too far with his ”friendship” with Wilcox. Giving an underling co-worker a sex guide book is sexual harassment on its face, regardless of the intent.

Even and old hound dog like me knows that.

He screwed up and got called on it. Don’t blame Wilcox for his stupidity. I doubt there are many women out there who would NOT have complained if their boss gave them a self-help sex/dating book.

He went too far and got spanked. That said, I doubt he was fired for this alone. After 10 years it was probably time to go anyway. And, there is a new majority on the BOS with different political leanings and philosophy. That alone tends to lead to a change in the top management. Wilcox’ complaint was likely the final straw for Edge.

Good work, CCN.

By: WazzUp on 5/23/09

Katcho is a loser. He needs to go with Edge.

“Hey David everyone is talking about firing you; but I’m going to support you because we are family. Your son and my son, your Bar-B-Ques and my Bar-B-Ques, you hire who I want, Blah, Blah Blah

Katcho turned on his friend because he knew the out come and I’m sure they discussed it so that Katcho didn’t look bad in the public’s eye.

Now let’s get rid of his girlfriend…..

By: Insight on 5/23/09

I’m thinking this issue may become a distraction from other more important issues… but perhaps the fall out from this issue might re-invigorate and add ammunition to on going concerns. Mmmmm

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 5/23/09

To Newsome. Thanks for the heads up. Now I get it. Sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake. Hahahaha.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 5/23/09

Ah I see we have another Poser in our mist. I love guys like Georgy who come to sites like this and then pontificate how they are so much above the rest. Why are you here???

Real News. Georgy go back to your real news. Oh wait you can’t. They (newspapers) are all going out of business. Guess that is because so many of us (you included, sorry) gravitate to the internet.

By: Georgy on 5/23/09

Your all getting a little too dramatic for real news or tabloid gossip. The so called Federal Investigation has to do with CHF Express, LLC and the Federal Seizure of some three million dollar yacht from Oxnard Harbor, CA. and several Federal Law Suits in several States. So you’ll all getting excited over things that are none of your business. So get a Life. Go back to reading the Globe for gossip.

By: Newsome on 5/23/09

Sorry. Sometimes I get too clever. The signature of the “sock puppet” across his various aliases is capitalizing Important Words in places that Others may Not. Kind of like a nefarious Winnie The Pooh, with insider info that he wants to share but doesn’t really know.

That’s what makes Him a Capitalist.

Has nothing to do with the more regular definition of Capitalist.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 5/22/09

So is being a Capitalist a bad thing now??

By: Newsome on 5/22/09

Insight: Don’t worry, Poppa Gibson knows what’s best. It will all work out, you just wait and see.

Nosdatruth: I, too, detect a sock puppet under multiple aliases. The giveaway is that he’s a Capitalist.

By: Insight on 5/22/09

David Edge:

I would encourage a full and public investigation and review of this matter. Unlike (some) I have absolutely nothing to (hide or fear), or hide from that kind of review. I think it would serve me very well. For (the rest), I’m not so sure.

Who are the (some)and(the rest)and what would they have to (hide or fear).

Katcho compromising his convictions at the behest of Chair Gibson.

Katcho: I decided not to support it (the motion) simply because Mr. Edge is the person on file if we want to put it that way, and he wants an investigation then so be it.

Gibson : Your vote then …

Katcho: I… but I am regretfully going to vote yes just to show unanimity among us and move forward for all the good reasons that possible don’t exist.

Gibson setting a standard and process that the board should apply to him as well.

Gibson: There comes a point we seek a different vision, or we seek a different style, or we seek a different outlook. It’s important for the good of the organization and for the good of the residence that it serves, that the board has the option of moving to seek new leadership and to seek a new path.

By: APPLE on 5/22/09

As was revealed prior this is still going to grow and in time will be uncovered most likely by this site. I do know that some time ago Julie Stevens at the County was asked to destroy all notes,records,documents,memos,emails concerning Gail, Hall and Edge so something is happening. Oh you should NOT reveal that their is an ongoing federal inquiry going on they came here to gather evidence of a Criminal matter so it is not wise to compromise their Investigations now they know.

By: nosedatruth on 5/21/09


I smell a sock puppet. Or maybe that should be Sock Puppet.

By: Jercop on 5/21/09

CCN, all good reporting and on target, today I was present during an in dept Q & A session by Criminal Investigative Agents from the US Government, they came from a great distance to interview several persons on several topics of misconduct with our Local Governments, including this issue. Be advised this is far from being closed locally, some funny very funny business is and has been taking place with the BOS, and other Officials from Banks to Fraudulent monetary methods of giving massive loans to those in power. I wish I could say more but have been advised to keep thing to myself. I however feel we need a Very Open Press so CCN I sure hope you dig up what has gone on all this week with these many Federal Agents in San Luis Obispo, from meetings at the Walters building rooms to off sites in town, to suspects and victims homes and their Lawyers offices. It included dealing with a company called the Santa Margarita Cattle Co, Santa Margarita Farms, Santa Margarita Vineyards to the seizure of two very expensive yachts, I wondered what and how Gail played into all of this with her partying with some of these guys.

By: Joe on 5/21/09 [Delete]

What is your definition of “is”?

By: rogerfreberg on 5/21/09

Two statements by Mr. Edge quoted by this site have made me a little ‘edgy.’

1) Edge called for “an investigation” into the circumstances of his dismissal.

Sounds good to me… but I really really don’t think Mr. Edge will sign anything allowing other folks ( who may have agreed to be silent or legally bound to be quiet)to talk. It’s really funny that he made this statement… IF he knows no one can legally talk. Sounds like a great spin.

2) “I have done nothing that I regret,” he said.

Well, that could be true… but I have heard folks who have don’t really bad stuff say the same thing.

So, Mr. Edge…. sign a statement and stop the spin.

Roger Freberg

PS. Dave ‘Friggin” Congalton made me smile! thanks

By: Cindy on 5/21/09

About “Getting Naked Again” Here is a description. Actually if Wilcox wasn’t having the type of discussions that Edge and others have claimed she was having then this would be quite a shock to receive from your boss (LOL). Not that I think she is innocent.

You are divorced, you’re widowed, or maybe you’ve just been busy with other things. Lately though you might be ready (are you?) to meet (but where, and how?) another romantic partner. In GETTING NAKED AGAIN, clinical psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Judith Sills, PhD, leads readers through each stage of the process, offering sophisticated advice and sharing insightful stories about women like you, who have experienced relationship loss and are successfully pursuing new romance. In this book, Sills offers a frank, funny, and unusually savvy look at midlife dating- including smart sexual strategies, predictable new relationship patterns, financial manuvering, and interpersonal finesse. Be prepared: This is not your daughter’s dating guide. …

By: Truthbeknown on 5/21/09

I’ve held my judgment on this story to date but now that some of the facts have come out, I’ll speak. Although I’ve been a vocal critic of CCN where I’ve felt it warranted (and will continue to do so), I must give credit where credit is due. Congrats to CCN on this story, as it appears your source was creditable. That being said, I caution you on future stories where a single unsubstantiated source is cited.

I have to wonder, like Cindy and others, what Wilcox’s role has been in this “affair.” I have a feeling there is more to come . . . My other question is, who leaked the information from the closed sessions?

By: Cindy on 5/21/09

I agree Paso Guy. I have to wonder what “personal problems” Wilcox was confiding to Edge. I’m also flabbergasted that Edge would admit that Wilcox said (joked) talking with him was “cheaper than seeing a psychiatrist”! Apparently Edge and Wilcox engaged in frequent personal discussions at work. Well we don’t pay them all those big $$ to have therapy sessions at the office. I think Wilcox should be terminated for bringing and relating inappropriate problems to work and wasting our tax payer $$ instead of doing her job. As for the book Edge gave her, oh boo hoo, grow up and say no thanks. Next time just discuss your personal problems with a girlfriend or better yet seek therapy and get off the publics backs. Enjoy your tax payer paid time off (vacation). This is nauseating.

By: mccdave on 5/21/09

Edge clearly did make at least some mistakes, but CalCoastNews should link to the book in question instead of just citing a misleading title. Clearly CCN has its own slant on this, even if Edge’s accusation of “sleaze” was unwarranted.

By: mbactivist on 5/21/09

the Trib is not the only jealous “also ran” news source. There were a lot of sour grapes in a New Times article this week, too.

By: Paso_Guy on 5/21/09

The bigger question here is how Edge knew Gail had a need for a self-help sex book.

On another note, the author of the book, Judith Sills, is an investor with Estate Financial. Small world I would say.

By: mancha on 5/21/09

Turned out you were just mindlessly “blogging” the facts! Trib is jealous and way behind! Good job CCN!