Edge’s job on the line

May 14, 2009


The County Board of Supervisors will evaluate whether to terminate County Administrative Officer David Edge at their next meeting on May 19.

Both Edge and Assistant County Administrative Officer Gail Wilcox are on paid administrative leave. A source told CalCoastNews the absences were due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Edge denied allegations that he had stepped down from his position. He went on to say he was not permitted to discuss the allegations of sexual harassment, according to a San Luis Obispo Tribune article.

Initially, when the board placed Wilcox and Edge on paid administrative leave, “Board of Supervisors Chairperson Bruce Gibson oversaw the operations of the Administrative Office, interfacing with the three remaining managers of its three internal units,” according to an e-mail from County Counsel Warren Jensen.

The day-to-day management of all other departments, currently under the direction of the department heads, has not been affected by the administrative absences of Edge and Wilcox, Jensen added.

On May 13, Health Agency Director Jeff Hamm took on the additional role of special liaison between Bruce Gibson and the Administrative Office.

“This is a temporary arrangement. At this point, it is impossible to predict how long this will continue,” Jensen said.


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Member Opinions:

By: Insight on 5/22/09 [Delete]

David Edge:

I would encourage a full and public investigation and review of this matter. Unlike (some) I have absolutely nothing to (hide or fear), or hide from that kind of review. I think it would serve me very well. For (the rest), I’m not so sure.

Who are the (some)and(the rest)and what would they have to (hide or fear).

Katcho compromising his convictions at the behest of Chair Gibson.

Katcho: I decided not to support it (the motion) simply because Mr. Edge is the person on file if we want to put it that way, and he wants an investigation then so be it.

Gibson : Your vote then …

Katcho: I… but I am regretfully going to vote yes just to show unanimity among us and move forward for all the good reasons that possible don’t exist.

Gibson setting a standard and process that the board should apply to him as well.

Gibson: There comes a point we seek a different vision, or we seek a different style, or we seek a different outlook. It’s important for the good of the organization and for the good of the residence that it serves, that the board has the option of moving to seek new leadership and to seek a new path.

By: Truthbeknown on 5/19/09 [Delete]

I have to disagree with you, Unbelievable. In Edge’s case, if he was terminated “for cause” (which we just found out he was terminated without cause), then he would have violated the terms of his contract and would not have received a severance package (excluding accumulated leave).

Taxpayer money is taxpayer money, whether it’s in the form of a pension or severance package matters not.

As for “real world jobs,” how much do you think a CEO of a 2500 person company makes in the real world? In most cases, I betcha it’s more than Edge made at the County.

By: Unbelievable on 5/19/09 [Delete]


There’s a big difference between severance and a pension. If these people are fired, they still receive their severance so there’s no incentive to do a decent job.

Yes, these numbers can be huge and fully undeserved. If you claim that they’d be paid that in a “real world” job, then let them in this economy.

The whole thing is designed to eventually bankrupt the county.

By: HoHum on 5/18/09 [Delete]

Although CCN may not jump through the hoops like those other esteemed(?)local rags, CCN always seems to hit the nail on the head even if not directly in the middle. SLO County govt. has a history of “sit down and shut up” when it comes to internal scandals and this latest is well known by many of the insiders. Word has always been that Ms. Wilcox put up with Edges lascivious behavior for the sake of her own career goals and advancement, ever reaching for that elusive carrot, the position of County Adminstrator when and if Edge EVER retired. Wonder who “blew” the whistle? Something tells me it probably wasn’t either of the two principles. The Admin office in this county has been interbreeding for years and my crystal ball predicts much of the same o, same o if Edge and Wilcox go by the wayside. It’ll be interesting to see how many of the old cronies come out of the wood work if Mr. Hamm takes over the top Admin job. They might have to re-invent themselves and their resumes, i.e. Ms. Hossli, but never fear, they’ll be there. It’s never how much you know, but who you know in SLO Co govt.

By: Truthbeknown on 5/17/09 [Delete]

MikeB on 5/17/09 said: “My email to the Board of Supervisors ….

I would also encourage you to evaluate severance package issues. In Atascadero for example, the City Manager is provided a severance package of 12 months salary as well as 12 months paid medical. I find these types of public employee severance packages problematic and not in the interest of the taxpayer. I do intend to speak against them in the future.”

I find it truly ironic that someone (Brennler) who is sucking off the government teet for the rest of his life at the rate of 3% @ 50 is concerned about someone else getting a 12 month severance package. Sounds like a case of “I’ve got mine, screw everyone else!”

By: katmello on 5/17/09 [Delete]

Edge: Total creep has to go.

Wilcox: amoral slut has to go.

Katcho: lech, crook, has to go.

Meecham: owned by the GOP, has to go.

Shea: no nuts, no ethics, has to go.

Pell: Dumb, worthless, has to go.

Jensen: Company man, has to go.

Collins: Edge crony, jerk, has to go.

Reynolds: Dud, dull, has to go.

Holanda: Voila! Gone. Thanks for that, BoS.

lots of cleaning needing to be done.

By: Kat-a-list on 5/17/09 [Delete]

Musing on what is and is not appropriate behavior for the HMFIC of our lovely County at large. I asked myself. I says, “Hey Self?” Is it in Edge’s job description to phsically threaten County employees while using an appendidge to leave a prominent bruise on said employees?

Me self said, “WTF?”

I’m just sayin’…

Jeff Hamm. You are a good man. I know you will do the right thing. Whatever you do, make sure we do a better job with a stand-in than we did last time there was a vacancy at the tippy top of County Personnel’s house of cards.

I’m just sayin’…

So what IS in the water at the County anyways? Hostile Work Environment based on sexual orientation(that’s our boi Frank).

Nepotism (Doing wifey-poo any Paavo-r’s. I mean Favors?).

Gender Based Harassment ( A Buckingham/Collins double album set?).

Good ol’ boy- “Do as I say, not as I do, Son” (Don’t Hedge on this one) and finally.

Sweep the kicked, neglected and abused kitty under the rug (Dr Anderson, I presume?).


I DO like Green eggs and Hamm

I do like him, Sam I Am.

I would like him to clean house

Evil ones, he should oust

There’ll be less lawsuits

Here and there

Savings million$


I DO like Green eggs and Hamm.

I do like him, says Kat-a-list, I am.


I’m just sayin’…


By: MikeB on 5/17/09 [Delete]

My email to the Board of Supervisors ….

To the Honorable Board of Supervisors:

I am concerned about the matter to be discussed on Tuesday ref the status of the County Administrator. I will be out of the County thus unable to attend or view the meeting.

I would like to convey my thoughts before you deliberate this matter, which by all appearances, is both sensitive and difficult.

I would encourage that you apply as much transparency as possible as you deliberate the issues. I know that personnel rules dictate much of what can be divulged, but the wild speculation that is occurring now is not healthy for our communities and the record must be as detailed as allowed by law.

I will share with you that I have recently learned that, in the absence of the Administrator and Assistant Administrator, the Director of Planning was either fired or asked to resign in lieu of firing. The information appears credible and certainly convolutes the entire issue.

Ultimately the truth will emerge and if the public comes to perceive that Mr. Edge breached his ethical obligations, yet was still provided a significant severance package, it will not sit well.

I would also encourage you to evaluate severance package issues. In Atascadero for example, the City Manager is provided a severance package of 12 months salary as well as 12 months paid medical. I find these types of public employee severance packages problematic and not in the interest of the taxpayer. I do intend to speak against them in the future.

I trust you will deliberate in good faith and act in the public interest.


Mike Brennler


By: Jan on 5/15/09 [Delete]

I have been told that one area you need to look into is Katcho’s relationship with Gail Wilcox and Deb Hossli. I hope Karen will look into this aspect. From what I’ve heard, there is smoke, fire, and potentially a volcano.

By: JorgeEstrada on 5/15/09 [Delete]

For those who think I have some inside scoop, I don’t. I meant good will to all of them.

My discussions with Vic and Dave have been few. They both set professional boundries, never condenscending and expressed a sincere desire to survive the onging struggles presented to them. I know nothing about Gail.

By: Inquiry on 5/15/09 [Delete]

Only time will tell but it’s nice to see the Constitutional “balance of powers” restored with the appointment of Hamm.

It’s government. Therefore: protocol, procedure and CYA.

By: 4Warn on 5/15/09 [Delete]

Jorge sounds like the dismissals of Edge and Wilcox is a done deal and that the Director of Planning left unwillingly. How would you know that unless you have some inside info? If you do please share it with us citizens who wan’t to know what the heck is going on.

I for one am waiting to hear what is going to happen next Tuesday. If dismissals do take place and potential tax dollars are shelled out like peanuts then we citizens have the right to know WHY?

By: JorgeEstrada on 5/15/09 [Delete]

My best regards to Vic, Dave and Gail. If I could throw a party for them I would. Even better, I’d like to retain their employment for another year, minus the bs that comes with the job and save the taxpayers one year of retirement liability while affording a much better transition for their replacement or re-organization minus a few positions.

By: mccdave on 5/15/09 [Delete]

“…according to a San Luis Obispo Tribune article.”

That’s mighty decent of CCN. I would have gone with “according to a local purveyor of advertising supplements.”

By: Truthbeknown on 5/14/09 [Delete]

Wilcox is At Will, as well.

By: soca on 5/14/09 [Delete]

Karen – don’t you find it odd that both parties are on PAL? Do you think that if it is SH the victim is someone else. Me thinks that due to the high level of staff here, only if several people come to the board with allegations, does the board respond with the rather dramatic action they have taken.

That being said, I wonder if the SH is a rabbit hole. I have witnessed some pretty testy meetings on the budget and have seen GW and DE acting like they are in charge and not the people’s elected. Is this possibly the straw that got an At Will and Civil Service employee on the hook?

Look, the BOS can cut DE on any given Tuesday, but GW, as civil service is much tougher (I am assuming she is CS). She doesn’t look 50, and probably isn’t, so can’t retire gracefully like Deb Hossli (Deb, if you read this – you barely look 40).

So I am thinking that the new BOS wants a new CAO and doesn’t want GW in the interim while they do a search. Just MVHO.

By: SLOnative on 5/14/09 [Delete]

This County will lose a fiscal watchdog if we lose David Edge as County Administrative Officer. He has always told County Supervisors that if they want to spend money on a new pet project, they should tell him where to cut a similar amount from the County budget.

Is it possible that Wilcox disagreed with Edge’s belief in fiscal responsibility?

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 5/14/09 [Delete]

And the beat goes on, na na na na na

By: Ronald on 5/14/09 [Delete]

Perhaps counsel Jensen has a conflict of interest with Wilcox too. I vote for a second opinion from counsel that is not joined at the hip with this woman.