Wilcox to fight release of investigation report

July 21, 2009

Attorney David Warren announced he plans to apply for an order to block all or part of the investigative report that led supervisors to terminate Assistant Administrative Officer Gail Wilcox earlier today, according to County Counsel Warren Jensen.

Findings from the investigation resulted in the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors’ decision to fire Wilcox under allegations she violated her duty to maintain exemplary behavior and to avoid conflicts of interest due to a personal relationship. County officials have remained silent regarding the mystery person’s identity. Though insiders claim the report is “shocking and salacious.”

On Friday at 8 a.m. in San Luis Obispo Superior Court, Warren plans to apply for an order to block all or some portions of the report.


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Member Opinions:

By: rogerfreberg on 7/26/09

I wouldn’t worry about ‘Person X’ per se. I would be more interested to learn if Person X was preceded by Persons A-W.

If one ponders a moment what someone who is in a leadership position in the county government, seemingly amoral and ambitious might do to advance their position, I would ‘guess’ that any business contact would be suspect… especially if they didn’t wind up on top … in a negotiation.

Let’s see how much they let out of the bag on Monday.

By: DashRiprock on 7/25/09

The Trib today discussed “Person X”. Does anyone know who “Person X” is?

By: RatPatrol1967 on 7/25/09

The little bird outside my window said the attorney has EVERY reason to keep that report sealed.

By: rogerfreberg on 7/22/09

Well… rumor has it that this latest report names names… as in more than one.

I can’t help but wonder how Edge fits in all of this? Was she ‘working’ for herself or on orders?

Anyway, the names will come out… and if the Tribune tries to redact anything… it’ll come out in other places.

Always fun in SlO County.


By: BeenThereDoneThat on 7/22/09

Sorry George. Got overzelous in my laughing. Next time it is shoot. ;-)

By: George on 7/22/09

I was insired by Dave Congolton’s use of the word ‘felatio’ during the big broadcast today! a first for hometown radio?

sorry BTDT but your comment contained a word that gets deleted on sight,but I am happy you enjoyed the comment!

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 7/22/09

Still laughing.

By: George on 7/21/09

1. courtesy felatio

The forgetten art of offering felatio as a nice ‘thank you.’ It is important to note that the felatio should NOT be used as an exchange for money or goods. Courtesy felatio is proper in lieu of a Thank You Card.

Perfect in return for helping someone move, house sitting, picking up groceries, drive to the airport, helping jump start your car, etc…

“Thanks for the drive to the airport. Allow me to express my gratitude with courtesy felatio”

NOT!!! “Thanks for the big screen tv… i’ll give you a blow job”… (that is just prostitution)

(from the fine folks at Urban Dictionary)

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 7/21/09

Yea I thought about the way I phrased that, after I posted. Hehehehe.

By: Afriendindeed on 7/21/09

“I wish this whole group would go away and blow away.”

Well, sounds like Gail Wilcox has been doing her part!

By: RoscoeRules on 7/21/09

oooohh, this one’s gonna be painful….

By: DashRiprock on 7/21/09

Obviously she has something to hide, word has it she was all over every guy with a pulse.

By: Saveslocounty on 7/21/09

Looks like she has the same attorney as Sheriff Hedges who agreed to nothing, admits nothing and denies all. Too bad it worked for him and we had to pay all of that money for his foolishness. As usual, the tax payers are going to get it broken off in this case as well. The state of the County Government is so bad that it really needs a total housekeeping and replacement of the so-called leaders. At least the Board of Sups made a decision in this case. Good start boys.

By: BeenThereDoneThat on 7/21/09

Wow they won’t release? Guess I’ll have to go back to watching Jerry Springer! ;-)

I wish this whole group would go away and blow away.