De Vaul ready for his national media close-up

November 25, 2009

The Dan De Vaul story continues to gain national traction. Sunny Acres spokesperson Becky Jorgeson announced Wednesday that the controversial San Luis Obispo rancher will appear next week on both “Good Morning America” and “Larry King Live.” CalCoastNews will publish broadcast dates as more information becomes available.

In addition, The Huffington Post web site picked up the story Wednesday afternoon, complete with extensive comments from readers.

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Too bad this wasn’t done from the beginning. Another waste of our tax dollars. The amount wasted certainly could have been a major contribution to Sunny Acres.

Well, that’s good. If anyone can oversimplify something, it’s television. And once the teabaggers and others who protest government intrusion hear about it, they’ll pony up the funds Sunny Acres needs. They should try to wangle a visit from Sarah Palin.

mcdave, Please clarify; to a dim witted surf rat, like me, I can’t tell if you are pro or con, try to write in English, as you would a child, let the rest of the world in on your incite a little easier, I just posted on the previous Devaul article, can’t remember what I said but I’m sure the readers could realize I am definitely pro Devaul, I grew up in these streets! There was plenty of free parking in the Avila beach trailer park and free hot showers , if you could pick a lock, or side kick a door when necessary! If people like Dan Devaul give up you will come home too, some one using your shower? / wife / daughter / grandmother!

We must take care of our hungry or they will eat us! Cheseburger 11/28/09 Copy written!

And Sarah Palin may not be very smart but she’s hot! Especially when she’s on Saturday Night Live! If it weren’t for the feds needing a fall girl to take a dive in the election she might have pulled it off, you brought it up, Mcdave, and paired with McCain no chance in hell!