Bay area talk show host blasts SLO County

November 24, 2009

Dan De Vaul was the #1 topic of conversation Tuesday night on the ever-popular Gene Burns talk show on KGO radio in San Francisco. Burns spent the entire 7 o’clock hour slamming San Luis Obispo county officials for throwing De Vaul in jail on Monday. The entire podcast is on the KGO web site and will be available for 7 days. Burns’ comments begin about 7:10 into the podcast.

“The only thing wrong with San Luis Obispo County is the people running it,” Burns said at the end of a scathing ten-minute opening monologue in which he attacked everything from the decision of Judge Trice to jail De Vaul to the general apathy of the county in refusing to help fix up Sunny Acres.

Commenting on the jailing of De Vaul, Burns said “If that’s not the dumbest result I’ve ever heard of in a courtroom, it’s got to be close.” The iconic Bay Area talk show host went on to label county actions against De Vaul as “ridiculous.”

Also, De Vaul will be interviewed by Dave Congalton on KVEC 920 AM Wednesday night from 5:05 to 6 p.m.



  1. cheseburger says:

    Gene Burns & KGO Radio, Can you give an hour for the Hurst, EFI and Gearhart, et. al. comedy hour! It’s only $475,000,000 worse, that’s all. I’m a Pro Devaul supporter but he is a drop in the bucket compared to the defrauding of investors, there are hundreds of Dans, in that group.

  2. Rewind says:

    Further proof that nuthin good ever comes out of Frisco.

  3. Cindy says:

    Thanks Gene Burns & KGO Radio,
    Keep it up, we need all the help we can get down here in SLO County.

  4. kellygirl says:

    I need to hear this show. Mr. De Vaul remains in my prayers.

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