Orcutt doctor disciplined for gross negligence

January 17, 2010


The Medical Board of California placed an Orcutt doctor on three years probation for prescribing Viagra over the Internet to patients he had not examined, according to a Jan. 13 Board Settlement and Disciplinary Order.

“It is hereby ordered that physician’s and surgeon’s (license) number A 42368, issued to respondent Thomas A. Sazani M.D. is revoked,” according to the order. “However, the revocation is stayed and Sazani is placed on probation for three years.”

On June 1, the Medical Board of California accused the Orcutt physician, whose office is located at 149 First St., of repeated acts of gross negligence and prescribing drugs without a medical problem identified, or a physical exam.

The 10-page accusation stems from a 2006 investigation in which a state investigator’s assistant purchased 10 tablets of Viagra over the internet from the doctor after filling out a “brief online questionnaire.” Less than a month after receiving his first prescription, the assistant requested a refill.

Sazani sent the assistant a link to “Ask the doctor a question” for $19.95. After the assistant logged on and answered five questions, Sazani refilled his prescription.

Sazani waived his right to a hearing and agreed to three years probation in which he is required to hire another physician to monitor his practice. Sazani is also directed to enroll in medical courses in both ethics and prescribing practices of at least 25 hours for each year of probation at his own expense, and afterward pass an exam.

In addition, the order requires Sazani, who advertises himself as a medical marijuana provider, to maintain records of all controlled substances ordered and recommendations for possession or cultivation of marijuana including the diagnosis and indications “for which the controlled substance was furnished.”

When asked about an appointment for a medical marijuana recommendation, Sazani said he takes cash only and would explain how to get the recommendation for the medical marijuana during the appointment.

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Sounds like he ended up with a “Stiff” one.

Hmmm…Those that make and enforce white collar crimes like this probably need the likes of the ‘service’ he was providing his patients.

Viagra is an over the counter drug in Mexico, get off the lazy patootie and get some in Tiajuana,

I guess lazy people are the one’s who would need Viagra, if you want to go blind, go to TJ, Viagra stirs up the blood and the smallest capillaries are in the eyes, they get plugged and poof you can’t see, there is a warning to this effect on the bottle now, maybe one should just eat right and take vitamins, herbs and all natural aphrodisiacs.

Yes, we all know that thorough and expensive lab work and examinations are needed before viagra can be used because, like marijuana, it is deadly and….wait…wait…this news coming in…marijuana and viagra are relatively benign?…with some problems for those on heart drugs who might take viagra? What’s the problem then? Oh yea. Ethics dictates that we all submit to the meddling of the authorities who want their cut for overseeing our personal lives, and the good doctor Sazani, like Dr. Rees, had mistakenly thought he would do people a favor by short-circuiting the onerous oversight. This individual initiative threatens the system that is more important than the people who comprise its target.

Just because he is smart enough to be a doctor doesn’t mean he has the other requisite qualities that makes a good physician. He sound morally comprised and that is one thing you can’t teach. By taking the classes he will only learn how to be more sophisticated in how to circumvent the law. At least his name is out in public. It sounds like he has the same personality as Rees the “marijuana doctor.”

Which is the bigger crime, proscribing Viagra without a full exam, or proscribing medical marijuana without a full exam?

This is interesting, he is required to keep records of controlled substances only after being busted? More white collar crime with soft consequences.

This guy seems to shed a positive light on Dr. Reeves, it seems to me, because my friends dad took that Viagra crap and went freaking blind, that’s right totally blind for the rest of his life, now Viagra has a warning to that effect and my friends dad is just waiting for his check,

(that he can spend, but never see). Sounds like internet fraud/scam also, should have been charged with that too,”Ask the doctor a question” for $19.95. After the assistant logged on and answered five questions”, then he refilled the prescription, C’mon guys, that’s a hundred bucks! Ruthless Doctor or ruthless Quack. Viagra is a dangerous drug, my friend’s dad is really blind and it can also give a heart attack to a person who has not been examined for an unknown heart condition prior to use. And this clown has priors, he should wash cars for a few years, maybe a few years of the school of ethics, even a few years blind? My friends dad would say yeah.