Dog busts Atascadero State Hospital pot party

January 13, 2010


A canine police officer is being credited with busting a group of patients at Atascadero State Hospital for allegedly smoking marijuana on Jan. 5.

After the canine officer discovered a group of patients that smelled of marijuana, two patients were charged with bringing a controlled substance into a place where prisoners of the state are located, sources said

Approximately 16 patients from four dormitories in Unit 29 were discovered to have been smoking the contraband. Staff members, from three shifts, said they did not smell, hear or see anything, sources said.

Hospital officials said they are unable to discuss the incident because of an ongoing investigation and patient privacy laws. However, sources tell CalCoastNews the investigation has generated at least six supplemental incident reports.

Two narcotic and marijuana scent trained dogs work at the maximum security facility performing inspections.

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You laugh, but don’t think for a second that the law enforcement community doesn’t actually place a higher reverence for and value on the life of this dog than they do yours.

On another note… another example of people wasting time on unimportant things that I don’t care about, in their never ending pursuit of taking themselves and their positions too seriously. I wonder how much of the money the government steals from me that it spent harassing these people. Incidentally, not only do I not care if these folks are getting stoned, I PREFER them to be stoned.

This article had me lmao from the first sentence. Hello! Canine police officer???? Is that like a police dog? WTF

Good catch! I wonder if the dog had to raise his paw and swear to uphold the constitution?

Hhahah, Yes that had me going to, I stopped and thought a second before I continued reading.

How could all these people in 4 units be smoking pot and not one single ASH employee smelled it? The dog sure did, he must have been going crazy trying to get them to pay attention. Weird story, something doesn’t add up, I wonder where the patients got the pot?

The pot was probably brought in by one of the overpaid, over-pensioned peace officers trying to make an extra buck.

What a pile of crap. I work there. No patients have been arrested. Overpaid cops my butt. They make half of what a c/o in CDC makes. You are a joke to the news community. Where do you get your story ? From the psychotic criminals housed there? Get real, and real news media would have verified the story before they printed it. I guess if you smoke enough pot you’ll believe anything!


I think it all adds up pretty well. ASH is a mess. Obviously there appears to be some major problems within the walls. Talk from the peace officers that work at ASH is that it’s almost a hands off policy so that the “patients” don’t get upset. ASH along with the prison and most other state organizations need a complete overhaul.

check this, kind of reminded me of the three monkeys, not that I would do it any different,”Staff members, from three shifts, said they did not smell, hear or see anything,” three monkeys said.


I think you are missing the story here. The employee’s did smell it and did nothing.

Ghod save us from the pot smoking nut cases locked up in stir.

(IMHO they should keep them all stoned out of their minds and away from the rest of us forever.)

It’s probably safer for the guards too, just toss them a snickers bar and get complete compliance.

From my recollection at least 80% of the staff at ASH do grass and maybe 40% do other drugs. Big deal. Good story though

Big deal. I guess the law is the law but we have such bigger fish to fry this seems ridiculous, though I don’t fault CCN for reporting it. In light of massive white collar fraud and rogue cops roaming around free I wonder why this is any issue at all.

That’s a right purty 4/4 time waltz….. needs more accordion!