Paso police bust suspected pot grower

January 14, 2010

Paso Robles police arrested a man in connection with an alleged marijuana sales and cultivation operation.

Shaun Michael Sweetin was taken into custody Jan. 7, following a search of his home at 813 Oxen in Paso Robles. Police conducted a search of the property in response to complaints by neighbors that they could smell “a strong odor’ of marijuana coming from the backyard.

Officers discovered a marijuana cultivation system, including grow lights, fertilizer, and drying systems. Additionally, a greenhouse structure had been set up in back of the house.

Sweetin was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail.

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Big deal. Legalize it. Looks like our cops are once again on the wrong track. When are they going to bust Gearhead and his band of crooks for stealing over 130 million bucks? I guess our DA is the biggest jerk in all this, I am sure they are disinterested in protecting the public from real menace.

I hear you dog. Gearhart is the slime of the earth. He and his wife stole literally tens of 1000’s from our company. Going bankrupt doesn’t appease me in the least. I want ten minutes in a dark alley or at least see him spend the majority of his life in prison.

As for the question of medical card I doubt he has one. Reason….. With a card an individual can only grow 12 plants total. Six ready to be harvested and six babies waiting to be started. An average plant produces (inside grown) about one pound per plant. That is a total of 12 pounds at best (when should be six) and even at that, it is nowhere close to 75 pounds.

With that said (no I do not use or grow) you can find this information out on the net. I have heard it repeatly on the news out of L.A. for last year. It is WAY pass time to legalize it and stop wasting time on something with the effects that are no worse than alcohol, other than maybe lung damage but hell alcohol can get the liver, so they both aren’t great in excess.

I would be interested to known if he has a marijuana card and if he is caregiver to anyone. They don’t mention any of that.

and does he have a marijuana card for such? What a waste of time and law enforcement.