Students injured in strong arm robberies

January 16, 2010

Steven Medina


San Luis Obispo police arrested three men early Saturday morning in connection with a string of strong-armed robberies that unfolded after midnight.

Two Cal Poly students received injuries. Neither victim was hospitalized, though one did require medical treatment.

At approximately 2:19 am, multiple attackers beat and robbed a 21-year-old male Cal Poly student near the campus recreation center. The suspects were seen driving off in a green Dodge truck.

Alejandro Ambriz

A witness to the second assault and robbery, called police at 2:27 am from the 300 block of Longview Lane, not far from the site of the first attack. Again, multiple attackers were assaulting a 22-year-old male Cal Poly student.

Moses Peralta

Moments later, at 2:36 am, a San Luis Obispo police officer who was dealing with another incident, spotted two men committing an assault near the corner of Walnut and Santa Rosa Streets. A search of the truck, belonging to Ambriz, revealed property belonging to the victims.

Police arrested and booked 23-year-old Steven Medina of Arroyo Grande, 23-year-old Alejandro Ambriz of Tulare and 22-year-old Moses Peralta of Tulare into San Luis Obispo County Jail. They are being held on separate bonds of $80,000 each.

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The perps are homegrown and local boys, nothing at all to do with the immigration ax you have to grind …

(yet another comment removed)


It came up in three separate comments that were deleted before you. sorry.

The first guy looks like a stupid, fat, arrogant hispanic. The second guy looks like he shouldn’t have been mixed up with the other two. The third guy looks like the ringleader who has a history already. They were strong arming people up here because people down south might pull out a gun and shoot them. Take em out back and shoot them anyways.

What the heck, if you can tell all that from the pictures, I wan you on the F.B.I.,,, but,

the second guy looks like he’s on crank and awake enough to know how bad he is going to get reamed, by the good old boys, of San Luis Obispo, at least they are good for something and this would be new, what if some one in a higher place has tied the District Attorneys hands, stranger things have happened, when I spoke with a District attorney about the Hurst case, I truly felt he wanted to put the cuffs on himself.

okay look here I have no clue who the hell you people are but it reasures me how shallow and judgemental this world is… You have not one damn clue who these guys are but then yet still have room to talk! As far as gangsters goes that’s something there not! Damn shows me how san luis obispo is full of snotty white people! And yes the word racist is so what those comments are about! You have no idea what took place that night who knows! So I suggest you guys keep your mouths shut! Those so much more crime worse things going on in this world that should be put in the new paper but yet san luis obispo feels the need to overly tell this story! You guys need to get a damn life and stop judgeing people and start judgeing yourself! Oh and for the comment about shooting them and LA these guys have nothing to do with LA sweethearts so like I said get the story stright!!!!!! What this was,was a bunch of guys getting drunk and partyin and got into a fight that’s all! Something iam sure all you lowlife people do on a daily basies!

Melon head tough guy. I can just imagine the phone calls between these idiots and their parents.”It’s ok mijo, we’ll get you a nice suit and some glasses to wear for court, ok? Your poppy is getting some money together for your bail, too. You need some money on your books? We’ll drive over there and put it there for you ok, mijo?”

“Ama. thanks, it’s rough in here. Can I talk to junior?”

“Sure mijo, here he is.”


“What up dog? W’choo doin eh?” etc etc…

Two faced criminals zoomin’ us all.

Idiots. They walk among us. Worse the breed and make more of their ilk.

If you don’t believe look at South Central L.A. It is getting to be second and third generation of Gangs.

No the article didn’t say these are Gang members but by Medina’s look in mug shot, good bet he is or has Gang ties. Any takers on that bet??

It wasn’t so bad when they kept their crap in their own neighborhoods and killed each other. The fact that they are taking into our neighborhoods and over to CalPoly calls for the judge to send a message.

These stinking punks are the scum of California. I hope the SLO court system makes an example out of them and any other gang bangers in the area.

Seems these three culprits are of Latino descent, in their subculture this kind of thing is accepted? Notice the look on Medina face, I bet it won’t look like that the day of the sentencing, which if you are merely a plain old thug, justice is swift and painful in this county, but if you are a white collar criminal with plenty of money and lawyers, evading our district attorney, is as easy as taking candy from a baby it seems, when will action betaken against Gearhart, Miller, etc, who have hurt a far greater number of people then these three kooks. Justice should not be prejudiced against those with/without money, equality under the law, ah, to dream, to dream.

RIGHT ON, Cheseburger

I couldn’t have said it better.

Tthe Chese has revealed the truth once again. I wonder if any of our three piece suit thugs (Da and FBI) will ever get around to arresting the real menaces to society, those that ravage thousands of innocent citizens of their livelihoods. The gearheads, millers, brards and others have helped to wreck our local economy; the damage has gone way beyond just the investors. I wonder if any of our glorious protectors (once again the DA and FBI) read these posts, and take heed. I wonder…

Guth and Yaguda of EFI got off with a wrist slap, against the recommendation of the DA and victims. Just amazing…


Racial comment removed.

So the Cal Poly Police are still the laughing stock of local law enforcement. They need to get out from behind their desks and keep the campus safe. This is SLO, how hard can it be to keep the students safe from these thugs, yes even on weekends and even at night.

Do your job!

To bad our own arroyo grande resident, Steven Medina, doesn’t have the brains to go with that head.

Not to bright to assualt someone on the corner of Santa Rosa and Walnut as that is the location of the SLOPD. Glad these thugs go caught!

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