Jerry Brown enters governor’s race on Tuesday

March 1, 2010

California Attorney General Jerry Brown is expected to formally announce his candidacy for governor on Tuesday. [Los Angeles Times]

Brown, 71, previously served as governor from 1974 to 1982, but is eligible to run for office again because today’s term limits were not in effect when Brown first served in Sacramento. The Democratic political veteran does not expect any serious primary challenge and will likely face EBay executive Meg Whitman in the November election.

Brown carries a significant political resume, including two terms as the mayor of Oakland, secretary of state for California, and state Democratic Party chairman. However, he also lost a Senate race to Pete Wilson in 1982 and waged three failed Presidential bids.

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Bring it Moonbeam. You are going to get your ass handed to you. Linda Ronstadt isn’t holding your hand this time.

Prepare to be mooOoned with both cheeks.

We are in trouble… but it won’t be solved by any governor… it takes a complete change in the assembly and the state senate. All a governor can act is a slight break on the runaway craziness.

This state has issues.

Roger Freberg

Jerry Brown was ahead of his time when he was governor and was mocked as “Governor Moonbeam” and other derogatory names. I am curious what he will propose as his platform in running for governor now though, as opposed to say Meg Whitman’s push to become California’s next “C.E.O.” -in-chief. We had a business school graduate with an MBA running the country for eight years, that didn’t seem to work out to well for the majority of Americans, unless of course you happen to be in the top five percent of income earners. Please remember that a CEO is by all definitions a dictator, no matter how magnanimous they may sound, it is their word as the final rule, period, whereas a Governor has laws he/she must observe and that person has to function with our state representatives. And corporations are “required” by law to make a profit; government, by design is supposed to serve the citizens, enforce the laws that are supposed to be designed to “keep us safe”, and a state government cannot spend more than it takes in. Like I said, I am curious if the frugal means that Jerry Brown governed before would be the model for a new term for him. We’ll see.

Jerry Brown, Gubernatorial candidate is a typical “Tax and Spend” Democrat, who has no intentions of cutting off any kind of “compensated Care” health treatment, education to k-12, education at state colleges, hundreds of undisclosed benefits for “Anchor Babies” and their families. A prison system overcrowded with non-American people. California–THE Epitome of a SANCTUARY STATE for illegal immigrant families is dead broke. Millions of foreign nationals have settled there, and are part of the major cause of the states insolvency. They have been pandered to by Governors, mayors, Judges and elected official. Jerry Brown earlier had made the statement about reporting on the ACORN, but as yet he has remained silent.

Sacramento has ignored the interests of the California taxpayers and condemned them to higher taxes, deteriorating public services as they cater to millions of illegal alien families living of the state-county welfare system. Today the current governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has looked to the federal government to bail out this once prosperous state, to the tune of $20 billion dollars. GET INVOLVED AND BOMBARD YOUR PITIFUL REPRESENTATIVES IN WASHINGTON AT 202-224-312. Learn more at NUMBERSUSA & JUDICIALWATCH We also the 287 (G) local police arrest and detainment enforced and mandated for every law department across the country, including in every so-called Sanctuary Haven for illegal aliens.E-Verify the rejection computer program for illegal workers, that is gaining momentum and soon will be 100 percent fool proof. Nor should President Obama and his Homeland Security Secretary rescind No-Match-Letters to businesses from the IRS or drain funding from ICE raids.

He’s got a lot of baggage for what is going to be a close election. Seems to me the party would be ahead to run someone less likely to split their vote.