Sex offender rapes woman at the dunes

March 25, 2010

Jonathon Rodrigues

A 28-year-old Fresno woman was allegedly raped by two transients behind Pier Liquor in Oceano on Saturday afternoon.

While the woman waited for her family, a woman approached her and allegedly led her behind the store to the Oceano Dunes State Park where people were drinking. When the woman attempted to go to a nearby bathroom, two transients, Paul Cervantez Ramos, 38, and Jonathon Charles Rodrigues, 46, allegedly raped her.

While workers at the liquor store assert the rape occurred on state park land and not on the store’s property,  San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s spokesperson Rob Bryn would not say if the incident occurred on park or county lands.

Paul Ramos

“The rape occurred behind the store,” Bryn said repeatedly.

Rodriques is a registered sex offender because of lewd and lascivious acts against a child under 14-years-old.

Officials are investigating the involvement of the woman who led the victim behind the store.

Both men remain in San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $100,000 each.

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Willie: What part of already released with no charges filed dont you understand?

Do you have a link?

I searched the web, found nothing on it, but thanks for letting us know!

These wonderful pillars of our community have been released with no charges from the DA’s office. Great Job right?

Once again I say SEX OFFENDERS CANNOT BE REHABILITATED! Registered as a sex offender status is a joke. They will reofffend whether they’re registered or not. The must be taken out of society permanently after 1 strike. Period.

A couple of career goons, I agreed with Willie as per their fate, but I feel this needs to be looked into to the highest degree possible, I smell a set up,”a woman approached her and allegedly led her behind the store to the Oceano Dunes State Park where people were drinking. When the woman attempted to go to a nearby bathroom,” and as of whether it happened on store or state park property should not be an issue at this time.

At the time I saw saw Ramos, he was slightly thinner, well-groomed and clean cut (scent of cologne).

This threw me, my guess is that he just got out of jail or someone is nursing him well (relatives that care).

Unfortunate, he is too far gone, if he is to be freed, he will need anti-psychotic meds or someone will eventually transform him into a vegetable state in self-defense!

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I remember Ramos face vividly, I don’t know anything about Rodriguez except he looks weird.

Later part of 2009 my daughter (8 years old) and I were standing in line at McClintoc’s (SLO Farmers market).

Ramos was with was yelling something in spanish and later english (profanity) and giving some kind of gang finger sign to someone.

While focing on finger high signs and yelling, he kept moving foward and backwards bumping into me and others.

I turned and looked at him, he was entirely consumed into hoping foward and backwards and completely oblivious that he was baning into his neighbors.

My daughter and I left the line and away from him, I got a real good look at him.

My gut tells me that Ramos was the leader and the aggressive physical kidnaper.

Ramos is the type of guy that you cannot beat up to make yield.

Contention with this guy requires that you have to Baptize with anything you can grab a hold of (rock pipe bottle club) until he is in a vegtable.

Seriously! It sounds like I am being ulgy but I am not, my opinion is based on what I observed!

Fortunately they will be put away for a long time.

It will not be a surprise to me to later hear correction guards in a prison melee with Ramos!

This sort of behavior needs to end or the dust issue will become completely unmanageable.