Woman arrested for DUI; crashing stolen cars

March 29, 2010

Police arrested a Bakersfield woman Monday morning after she allegedly stole two vehicles in San Luis Obispo, drove them while intoxicated, and ended up crashing both cars.

Tamika Raley, 29, was driving a stolen Honda when she rear-ended a rental truck on Madonna Road, near Highway 101. Raley fled the scene and found a second parked truck in a nearby residential neighborhood. That truck was unoccupied, but the engine was running. Raley quickly crashed the second stolen vehicle into a third car and was apprehended by the truck’s owner.

Raley was arrested on multiple counts, including two counts of auto theft, driving under the influence, possession of stolen property, possession of narcotics, and possession of burglary tools.

She was booked into County Jail on $20,000 bail.

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“Possession of burglary tools”

I read that as “master keys or locksmith devices” and there are more duplicates out there (SLO is apparently one target area).

Ah, the people of Bakersfield.