Marijuana legalization predicted to fail in November

April 10, 2010

California voters get to decide in November whether or not to legalize marijuana, but political pundits are already warning that the measure could go up in smoke. [San Bernardino Sun]

Early polls show support for the proposed legalization, but experts say that November is a long ways off, and much could change.

“Law enforcement will come out against it very strongly,” said Jack Pitney, political science professor at Claremont McKenna College. “We’ll see a lot of messages tying marijuana use to harder drug use . . . Opponents will also suggest that it will now be easier for young people to have access.”

Also, according to Pitney, voters in mid-term elections tend to be older and more conservative–two strikes against marijuana legalization.

Another factor will be Jerry Brown, expected to be on the November ballot as a candidate for governor. In his first go-round in Sacramento, Brown signed a bill lessening penalties for marijuana. However, as California Attorney General, Brown recently came out against legalizing pot.

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There is no doubt that pot is an inhibitor of inhibitions, and many consider it as “I don’t give a rat’s ass weed”. I do not care who smokes it or why, but I simply do not want to support the underachievers with my tax dollars. Let them smoke and live in tents.


I wasnt aware the bill was called Marijuana Welfare reform Act. Where did that come from?

If we get to pick where our tax dollars go thats really good news. I hate when my tax dollars go towards cluster bombs