Roy Ashburn sentenced for DUI

April 15, 2010

State Sen. Roy Ashburn [R-Bakersfield] pleaded no contest to drunken driving charges on Wednesday and was immediately sentenced to two days in jail and three years’ probation. [Sacramento Bee]

Ashburn, 55, was given credit for one day already served in custody. He will also pay $2,000 in total fee assessments.

The sentencing follows Ashburn’s highly publicized arrest in Sacramento earlier this year for drunken driving after leaving a well-know downtown gay bar. The father of four children, who is not eligible to seek re-election because of term limits, later went on a Bakersfield radio station and admitted he was gay.

Under the terms of his probation, Ashburn will not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle with any measurable amounts of alcohol in his system.  He will also attend a first-time DUI program.

The prosecutor in the case said that Ashburn “received no less than anybody else” for a first time drunken driving conviction.

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Too bad LE still engages in self-congratulations for apply the law to politicians the same as they do to ordinary citizens. Assumably then applying it to themselves would warrant a medal ceremony – or perhaps just the usual vengeance and retribution.

The same sentence as others? I thought automatic license suspensions happened with DUI offenses. Not being a family values hypocrite politician criminal I wouldn’t know for sure about all these things. Another fallen hero of the right wing whackos.

Ya,we know the left is holly than thou! Both sides of the aisle has its hypocrites,there is no shortage in Sacramento or Washington. And we forget that these are humans and nobody including me and you are perfect,we can’t look into their personal lives and see what torments exists.

I personally am disappointed with his behavior,bout give kudos to the cop that had the nerve to do the right thing and arrest him.

Not liking someone’s politics is one thing, being a blatant hypocrite is something else. This guy voted the sickening ‘family values’ agenda and then it turns out he is gay. Being gay is no problem, being republican is no problem (as lame as that is), and being religious is no problem-as long as you promote the public welfare. As far as I can tell he was just a whore to politics, doing anything to stay in power while denying his own values. Those who spend our time and money (as elected or appointed folks) persecuting others are terrible people-the hypocrites who do it should be shot.

The dems who have been caught in some in propriety are usually greedy, self centered and so on. But rarely hypocrites (like the legions of republicans and religious idiots caught with their hands in the cookie jar or some young boy’s pants-all the while preaching for ‘family values’.

The left is holier than the right, in all respects. The right has hijacked goodness and real human values as their own little domain, they remain a viable political faction through the gullibility of their minions and the backing of corporations who milk them like ticks on a pig. Ashburn is just another tool of big business in focussing our attention on the wrong issues before us, instead of regulating them for our future safety and health.

The court doesn’t mess with ordering the license suspensions anymore. They leave that up to the DMV. The DMV will suspend his license.