The Big Kahuna lands at KSTT 101.3 FM

April 2, 2010

In a major shake-up on the local FM dial, radio personality Steve Marchese, known to Central Coast listeners as the “Big Kahuna”, joins KSTT 101.3, starting Friday morning.

Marchese replaces Bill Pesso, who was let go by El Dorado Broadcasters this week. The newly retitled “Kahuna & Company” will feature Marchese and Amy Jacobs, the former KSBY-TV reporter who has been the morning co-host on KSTT since jumping over from KVEC.

Since coming from Las Vegas in 2006, Marchese has been the morning man on cross-town rival KIQO, Q104 “Oldies” radio. KIQO and KSTT tied for third place in the last ratings book. The new ratings period began Thursday.

“Kahuna & Company” airs weekdays from 5 to 10 a.m.

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I stopped listening to The Morning Show. The Big Kahuna doesn’t have Bill Pesso’s charm. The Bill & Amy chemistry & excitement is just not found in the Amy & Big Kahuna partnership.

It makes me so sad. I enjoyed Bill & Amy’s morning show.

We have given “Big Kahuna” a chance in our office, it isn’t the same bring Bill back. Our office will not be listenersw anymore.. we switched radio stations.

Big mistake.. Bill and Amy were great together. I have stopped listening even though I still love Amy… Kahuna doesn’t appeal to me at all. Sorry.

Kahuna is great, I remember him on Z93 also, and enjoyed listening to him on Q104.5 when he came back from Vegas. He is actually interesting and funny. Bill and Amy, although very nice people, are not interesting and definitely not funny. I am forced to listen to them on the way in on the vanpool, since the driver likes them, but the rest of us have switched to Ipods. As one of my fellow riders stated “Listening to Bill and Amy is like being forced to hear the conversation at a table next to you in a restaurant.” Bill and Amy never talked about current events or any important issues. It was more like “so what did you do this weekend Bill?”. I DON’T CARE WHAT BILL AND AMY DO FOR FUN! Bill Pesso’s big dumb guy schtick wore on me, and I didn’t care for Amy’s sarcastic wise cracks either.

Hopefully Kahuna can fix the awful Morning Mind Bender since he is there. Bill and Amy’s “ask an extremely vague question, then have idle chit chat with callers, then give a hint that gives it away” running is just horrible. I think they only get one right caller a month without the hint. And do they really need to repeat the question 4 times before taking the first caller? Do they really think the listening audience is that dumb? Kahuna’s running of the trivia question on 104.5 was much better. Get 4 times the calls in since no idle chit chat, and give little hints while playing.

I welcome the change. Hopefully Kahuna won’t take the crap from Amy like Bill did.

Bill Pesso is wonderful!! Why would you replace him with someone called KAHUNA??!! Give me a break. I think you have lost more listeners than you know of yet.I can personally vouch for at least 20. I thought things were to improve. How is it that Bill was let go, but Amy is still on air? Take a poll and ask who they would have rather seen go. You made a BAD DECISION and you will know that when the ratings dip.

Good luck, you will need it KSTT.

What happened to Bill Pesso? Why are you replacing him? He is the best, you lost a listener. Please reconsider…

They lost my workplace as listeners as well. Kahuna although probably a very nice man, has a high pitched, annoying, nasaly voice that is very difficult for people our age to listen to. We used to have 101.3 on the radio at work and it was something soothing and nice for background. Our customers enjoyed it and so did we. Now we are looking for another station in which to use for the phone system and the reception area as Kahuna’s voice is too bothersome and an interruption of the workflow. Kahuna’s voice would work well for teens and early 20-somethings so maybe that is the direction 101.3 is taking. My best to Bill and my blessings to Amy who I am sure is secretly mad as heck.

I remember the Big kahuna from back in the 80’s. He was on z93 back then I believe.