Citizens file lawsuit against Paso water rate hike

May 27, 2010

Five Paso Robles citizens have filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of the City’s water rate hike last April.

John Borst, William Taylor, Brooke Mayo, Teresa St. Clair, and Thomas Rusch filed the suit in Superior Court and will be using an attorney from Los Angeles. The rate increase, justified by city officials to help pay for the Nacimiento Water Project, is scheduled to begin in 2011.

“The lawsuit is intended to let council members and city staff know…that citizens of Paso Robles expect their representatives to recognize, respect, and take seriously their ministerial duty to protect and uphold citizens’ Constitutional rights,” Borst argued in a written statement.

An initial hearing has been set for July 6, at 10:30 a.m. in Paso Robles Superior Court.

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This small group has already done their job. They did encourage the City to lower the proposed water rates. Paso NEEDS this water. Most people really do not know how much. We now have a very fair and simple plan for water rates. John Borst, leader of Concerned Citizens of Paso Robles is now doing anything he can to stop the water from Nacimiento from flowing to Paso. It WILL flow this fall… other cities. It won’t flow to Paso Robles until we get a treatment plant built. Borst and four other persons have filed this law suit to cause the City more problems and more money. We are becoming another Los Osos (like their sewer deal) I am beginning to think that this group of people bringing lawsuits that could bring our City down if won, have other agendas. They must have personal gripes with the City…..certainly any reasonable person would not want Paso to have the water they need and would not want to try to drive the City to bankruptcy! Please stop the insanity!

I love it!

Citizens getting together to express their displeasure with city government in one of the many ways left to them! Go for it!

Now, we all know that water rates have been a mechanism along with various fees to increase the cities funds and aids politicians who do not want to make hard budgetary decisions. Increased fees has been the local mechanism for getting around the old ‘raise your taxes’ ploy and I was wondering when someone would finally have had enough?

Whether or not the local courts listens is immaterial, I think the majors, Councils and various candidates should take this as a warning.

viva la revolucion