Doc Burnstein’s plans protest march for Wednesday

May 30, 2010

Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab in Arroyo Grande will try once again to confront the union picketers who have been protesting the popular Village hangout since last fall. Here’s the scoop:

Owner Greg Steinberger is organizing a “Take Back Our Village” march for Wed. June 2 at noon. Steinberger plans on leading the demonstration, walking from Doc Burnstein’s at 114 W. Branch Street, for the nearby Carpenter’s Union 1800 office on Poole Street.

“We just want some answers,” Steinberger said. “We’ve been trying to talk to them all this time and there’s been no response. They’ve refused to communicate their intentions.”

The original Carpenter’s Union protest stemmed from Steinberger’s decision to open up a second store in the newly-renovated Santa Maria Mall. Construction officials on that project apparently used some low-bid, non-union, workers–a decision Steinberger has insisted he had no say in.

The sad irony, said Steinberger, is that the mall renovation has fallen behind by at least a year and it is doubtful that Doc Burnstein’s will continue to be involved in Santa Maria.

“But the protesters keep showing up several times a week and I’m not sure exactly why,” he said.

Of course, people participating in the Wednesday march will be treated to free ice cream afterwards.

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If the tourist wanna pay $5 for an Ice cream let em, as far as the Unions and Andy Stern go…. go back to your overpaid jobs. This is America, your not entitled to squat, you have to earn it. If they wanted Union labor, then they should have the option to choose union labor, not be intimidated or forced into using a union contractor. Piss off.

Ironic the protesters in Paso on Spring St drive up in a mercedes and a dodge dually quad cab, I am thinking $60000 new for the truck.

Anybody seen these protesters hanging out at Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab? They look like they are about as interested in the protest as I am at buying over priced ice cream. Don’t know about you but I can go to the local Rite Aid in Arroyo Grande or Grover Beach and get a triple scoop for $1.99. Sure beats 4 or 5 dollars that Doc’s charges. Now let me say, Doc’s is an interesting place to go but your prices are very high for the area.

The guys holding that banner are being paid very well by the union, but they are in no way affilliated with it. One of them is a local business owner/town drunk, and the other is his roommate. They hide their faces if you have a camera anywhere near them, but they tell people how well they are paid to hold the banner. As for spending more at Doc’s, it’s called quality and atmosphere; plus the location is very expensive and it’s a local business, not some Wal-Mart/Rite-Aide type box store where they sell the crappiest stuff you could ever ingest into your body. That’s the price difference. You get what you pay for. Not bashing you for buying the .99 icecream, but don’t bash Doc’s for charging what it takes to run a quaint Village appropriate business in Arroyo Grande; while giving much back to the schools and orgs in the community with fundraising events and community events. HUGE difference from something like Rite Aid. Just another perspective to ponder… No offense meant to you. Peace!