Mulholland rules out running for mayor of San Luis Obispo

May 23, 2010

The rumors have been flying fast and furious around town for more than a month, but former city councilmember Christine Mulholland wants to make one thing perfectly clear: She is definitely not running for mayor of San Luis Obispo in 2010.

“No way. Absolutely not,” Mulholland said when asked the question by CalCoastNews.

At the moment, councilmember Jan Howell Marx is the only declared candidate for the November mayoral election, though Paul Brown’s announcement is expected at any time. Speculation remains that Allen Settle may yet enter the race, though no decision has been announced by the Cal Poly professor.

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Paul Brown is the guy accused of spousal abuse when he was on council. He lost his last bid as the incumbent council member and now thinks it’s a good idea now to try for Mayor? Some people never learn. He and Ed Arnold should share a cell. Think we’ve had enough of that kind of person as elected officials for awhile.

Jan Marx has my vote, and my partner’s, because she is committed to environmental protection and sustainable, livable communities.

It was through Jan’s efforts that funds were raised for bike path improvements around Cal Poly. She went around gathering support from a variety of sources, including Rotary Club, local bike clubs, City departments (this was before she was elected to the Council), hospitals, foundations, environmental and neighborhood groups. Individuals donated over $50K, and Jan was responsible for that marketing effort as well.

I worked with her on that “missing link” project and got to know her a bit. I like what I knew about her in general, but I discovered that Jan’s been doing good in the world a long time. She’s raising a grandson now, but in college in the 1960s, Jan and her husband and friends held a sit-in at a little park with a waterfall that was going to be leveled for a gymnasium (in New York, I think). They were successful and now the place is a World Heritage Site. All this came up because the sitters have remained friends and there was a reunion celebration that happened while I was working with Jan on the bike path project.

Since then I’ve found out that Jan has had a hand in several other projects I support as well — treeplanting, open space, scenic byway… Jan Marx will always have my vote.

well… I am very disappointed…

the battle would have been glorious to get Christine elected… then turn our attention to his lowness.

Thank you Christine Mulholland for making the right descision. Now if Allen Suttle and Dave Romero and Jan Marks would only get a clue, we might have something here. I’m surprised Dave Conglton hasn’t announced his candancy.

But if Dan DeVaul were to decide to run?


Anyone but Settle at this point since, you know, he doesn’t actually live in San Luis Obispo.

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