Study: California global warming law could cause businesses to flee

May 19, 2010

A new study by the state’s Legislative Analyst’s office suggests a law requiring power plants, factories, and other businesses to cut greenhouse gas emissions could cause energy prices to rise and prompt businesses to either halt expansion or leave. [Los Angeles Times]

The landmark global warming law, being introduced in phases across California, could put the state at a competitive disadvantage against other states, the study by the nonpartisan office warns.

Business may well leave the state, causing serious “economic leakage” —  aluminum, chemical, or steel producers might be particularly vulnerable because they rely heavily on energy use and trade.

Meanwhile, the California Jobs Initiative said Tuesday that the new controls could cost the state as many as 1.5 million jobs. The organization is pushing for a proposition on the November ballot that would delay further implementation until there is a decline in the state’s 12.6 percent unemployment rate.

Supporters, however, claim that the increase in environmentally-friendly jobs will more than offset projected losses.


Tougher environmental laws sometimes aren’t really that good. Look at the wonderful local Air Pollution Control District run by a bunch of liberal folk. The employees pollute more driving to work and back every day than they prevent. We don’t need more laws like some of the ones they push onto us. They are a bunch of no good crooks in my opinion.


Holy cow Roger, we thought you were way smarter than that. You actually believe it is all a pack of lies?

I suppose you think Barack is from Mars too.


This ended up in the wrong place, I am obviously replying to the first post at the bottom of the pile.


I don’t think it is solely the fault of liberals. You left out the sodomites and jews, they must be part of the conspiracy to wreck your life.


Interesting perspective.

“Individuals with Americanistic Personality Disorder tend to exhibit unabated greed and an insatiable desire for material goods. Fueled by a compulsion to shop and acquire excessive amounts of material goods, a condition sometimes referred to as consumerism, they have no regard for the misery and destruction caused by their pathological need for “more stuff”. When confronted with the finitude and fragility of the Earth, they frequently react with level one ego defenses by denying that their behavior is a part of the problem or by distorting reality by asserting that concerns about Climate Change, resource depletion, and irreversible damage to the environment are over-blown. Their deeply entrenched sense of entitlement renders excessive consumption a nearly immutable aspect of their behavior.”


Very well said. We see this sort of attitude and behavior everywhere, very sad. We have actually wiped out some species of life by our bad behavior, and more on the way.

The bad guys in The Matrix had us pegged accurately, we are a deadly virus on this planet.

We have had many warnings (known pollution after effects, species extinction or degradation due to poisoning by DDT and habitat destruction, climate change, war and pestilence to mention a few). The food we eat is crap, the animals we eat are full of synthetic hormones, the water we drink is often polluted-and the air we breathe is often degraded by the after effects of our lifestyles. Great work, humans. You shit in your own bed-and then deny it.


It’s about time that California enacts tougher environmental laws. We have one planet and this is it. My personal opinion is that it is too late already but better late than never.


And chasing businesses over the state line is going to help how???

Is it any different than chasing our jobs overseas by demanding compliance with some lofty unworkable ideals? Chasing the jobs out did not raise pay for anyone. It lowered pay for Americans, who are out of work. And it lowered the pay scale for the shopworkers, who made (say) $11/hr at a plant in Detroit, and now make $11 per DAY in China.

Chasing industry away through regulation, chases industry TOWARD places with less regulation. And at the same time, takes jobs and the economy with it.


Wow, guess I’ll be the lonely one here so far. Environmental laws and reduction of pollution are intended to increase the personal health of our citizens and planet. Since we have been operating under selfish reasons for centuries we have much to catch up on. We cannot go on consuming, polluting and despoiling the earth for more, more, more.

What do we say about shrinking glaciers, the oil spills, and the gas-guzzlers we drive? We cannot go on like this, it is not sustainable.

Those who make these laws are not bent on driving industry away or costing jobs-they see the studies that show we are on a path to destruction living the way we do. My esteemed former bloggers have cute little jingoes to display their outrage, but offer no solutions to our voracious lifestyles and business practices.

The simplistic and self-serving tea baggie knee jerk responses don’t cut it. If we had followed the lead of Jimmy Carter over 30 years ago we would be energy independent (less cost, less terrorism, less pollution and less controls needed now) and the world probably would have followed our lead. Instead we fell back into selfish and infantile gross misuse of the world’s resources. California is one of the few states with the foresight and gumption to confront its issues in this regard.


This study should be filed under “no shyt sherlock!


This is great news. We don’t want no steenking polluting industries here, and we don’t want no blue collar workers. All we want is well-heeled liberal lay-abouts like me, and AB32 ought to help us achieve this goal.


…And government employees. We feel government is a non-polluting industry, and we want to grow it as large as possible.


Does any one really believe in ‘global warming’ anymore? The lack of real science in ‘global warming’, the fraud and the manipulation of people’s fear for political reasons is unethical to say the least.

Funny how those in Sacramento want to ‘tax the beast’ to the point of death but keep it barely on life support.

Good luck