Tony Cipolla quits KSBY

May 18, 2010

After 20 years at KSBY, news anchor Tony Cipolla is calling it quits. [Tribune]

Cipolla, 46, told the Tribune that he and KSBY’s management could not agree on a salary contract.

“Management offered me a salary with a 40 percent pay cut, which was on top of a 25 percent pay cut I had already taken three years ago,” Cipolla told the Tribune. “I really couldn’t do that to my family.’’

KSBY Director of Marketing Brandon Downing said that Cipolla’s statements are misleading and that his salary requests are unfair to his colleagues and KSBY.

“Although we understand why he is leaving, we believe his comments are misleading,” Downing said in a press release. “The bottom line is Tony continues to want to be paid the salaries of both a news director and a news anchor. However, he has not served in the role of a News Director since 2005.

“He is a journalism professional and we wish him and his family the very best as he takes ‘the next step’ in his career, Downing added. Good luck to you, Tony.”

His last day will be June 3.

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Well… funny I remember when Tony first came here.

I hope Tony has thought this entire thing out… I do hope he has found another gig before saying goodbye to KSBY…. because I don’t hear a lot about jobs opening up in the media as most folks are playing it safe and staying where they are… that is, if they can.

Tony’s ego may be a bit bruised about all the pay cuts, but having a job now-a-days is better than no job at all for most folks. KSBY has to show a bottom line after all…. I don’t think they are using the ‘tough economy’ as an ‘excuse’ to cut Tony’s pay… there gets to be a point where no one is worth it.

There may be other explanations…. reminds me of a female relative who divorced her husband because she ‘thought she could do better’… ironically, she’s still waiting.

Good Luck, Tony

Roger Freberg

I like Tony Cipolla, that said it ASTOUNDS me that people are so upset that an anchor is getting let go over pay. People will complain about big business and the huge salaries of executives, well how about news anchors. I can’t speck for our local market but in a larger market like L.A. $500,000-$600,000 or more per year is not uncommon. Now I don’t have a problem with the reporter that goes out in the trenches but sitting at a desk reading script for half a million a year?? Comon how hard and what risk, does that salary justify?

Or how about national. Katie Couric getting 15 million a year to read script by everyone else who did the hard work?? Yea must be a really hard gig. Ridiculious compensation for what the job involves.

Oh and one last before all the comparisons that will come to big business, yes I agree that there are a lot of inflated salaries there to and ridiculious compesation packages.

I am totally baffled as to why KSBY Action News has that name-

1. ACTION It has absolutely no ACTION-all stories are puff pieces filmed 1-2 days ahead of time. No weekend coverage etc etc

2. NEWS The stories they do cover are very rarely news-usually it is more of a community activity show.

“KSBY shoots self in foot…film at 11.”

Cal Coast should pick him up as a mobile reporter and post on youtube.

Tony seems like a nice enough fellow, but how in the world he lasted so long on the air remains a mystery for the ages. I never heard another anchor who constantly puts the emPHASis on the wrong SYLlable so often.

who gets their news from the TT or local TV anymore?

Tony is the best thing going at KSBY. That is a shame and I wish the Capolla family the best. Good strategy for the network to remove some of his responsibilities and then cut the pay. Brandon Downing rewards us loyal viewers by removing the the best part. That is a really shortsighted in a time of instability within all of the media.

I know KSBY really pulled a dumb one last week when they reported according to what Ian Parkinson’s Campaign manager had to say rather than reporting the REAL FACTS as uncovered by CCN. They immediately pulled their broadcast off their site when they realized that they had assisted Ian in covering up a lie but it was too late to take back what they had said live on the news. I lost all respect them, I would think they should have known better. I don’t even bother to watch them anymore.