Downtown Brew clears rumors of closure

June 21, 2010


For 16 years, notable performers have made music and revelry at San Luis Obispo’s Downtown Brew, but a few days ago, rumors started circulating that the popular night spot had closed its doors. And while the club is in the process of changing owners, its name, its look and its menu – it is not shutting down.

Compass Health, a partner in the San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles and Santa Barbara Downtown Brew clubs closed their Santa Barbara location and as of June 30, will no longer be affiliated with the San Luis Obispo venue.

Joining owners Todd and Korie Newman, West Pac Investment’s Hamish Marshall is on track to step in as a new proprietor in July. And though unconfirmed, according to the club’s Facebook page, there are plans to change the venue’s name back to SLO Brew.

In the fall, the owners plan to unveil a new look along with a high end pub menu.

Until then, hours have been reduced and the food menu is sparse at best.

“As we are changing ownership, it made sense to burn through inventory as the change is made,” said general manager Monte Schaller in response to a question about the amount of menu items currently not available “We are closing down certain days and going to a limited three to five item menu. We will be focusing on the music.”

Schaller said that patrons can plan on attending any of the 25 concerts scheduled during the summer. Find concert schedules on CalCoastNews’ event calendar.

Until fall, aside from concert dates, the club will be open downstairs from 10:30 p.m. until 2 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. And upstairs, the restaurant is currently opened from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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Ummm Vagabond obviously you are misunderstood. We have quite a few micro breweries in SLO county. Firestone, Creekside and Central Coast Brewing all serve up an exquisite array of beers. Please do your research before you speak (type).

Firestone is in SB county, the other two don’t sell bottles.

Get out once in a while, SLO has bupkiss compared to almost anywhere else.

Speaking of beer, SLO county has one of the worst selections of beers in California.

All up and down the coast you find award winning breweries, San Diego is considered a beer mecca by many, San Francisco area has too many to list, In Ventura you can get anything from both coasts and in between. In SLO you have BevMo.

““We are closing down certain days and going to a limited three to five item menu. We will be focusing on the music.””

Don’t you really mean the beer as your title states! Beer is where the money is, get some topless dancers in this dead beat town and you might go some where,P>S> Clingman and Peterson showed me the naked girl painting pics. Great job, think big! Girls, booze. and paint, I love it, thing is these guys are such good artists, the girls painted in a g-string and pasties look fully clothed, darn!