Man struck and killed by train in Paso Robles

July 31, 2010

A 20-year-old man was struck and killed by a freight train at the 12th Street crossing in Paso Robles at around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. [KSBY]

Officials said Bryan Clifton Brady of Paso Robles man might have been laying on the tracks when the train hit him. Union Pacific Railroad and the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Coroner are investigating the death.

Brady is the second person killed by a train in San Luis Obispo County this month.

Updated on Sunday to include the victim’s name.

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It is articles such as this when the rumor mongers on this site lessen their humanity.

sigh.. you people. everyone knew he was a druggie. he obviously passed out there after a night of partying. possible overdosed

Instant Darwin Award.

O.k. this may not be politially correct, (like I really care) but WHAT IN THE HELL DON’T THESE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND!! You had the kid in SLO and last year the lady in Paso hit at the 13th street crossing. We don’t step out in front of cars, knowing that they weigh an average of 4000 lbs. So a train is how many tons?? And these people keep not paying attention, with a GRAVE consequences. This is something that should not be happening at this frequency. It has NOTHING to do with improper crossings. It has EVERYTHING to do with NO personal responsiblity.

Unlike the kid that was texting and listening to tunes with earphones while oblivious to noting that he was crossing RR tracks I suspect that this young man wasn’t necessarily oblivious. It was 6:30am and he is suspected to have been laying on the tracks. There are 3 possible scenarios here as I see it. Don’t know which one is most likely but:

a) He planned his suicide by train.

b) He was pretty much alone in the world and got very drunk or high and passed out on the tracks (still equivalent of intentional suicide but not pre-planned beyond a drunken stupor).

c) He was intentionally placed there by someone after they incapacitated him.

Sad no matter what the circumstances. Paso has had some odd deaths of young people lately. The young woman in the park is as of yet, an enigma as well.

Thank you again for stating the obvious. I didn’t go into it because I give most posters here, the credit of having a brain to figure it out. Yea I figure that most all of us figure it was possible drugs or suicide. When you are on drugs you can’t pay attention and suicide you know the consequences. So I go back to what I said. Personal responsibility.

As for placed on tracks by somebody that was a joke right? You can’t be serious? I have never heard of that in my lifetime.

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Evolution at its most brutal.

This is simply a statement of fact, not a judgement, as my own extinction has probably only been prevented by sheer luck thus far.