Reagan gets his special day

July 19, 2010

Former U.S. president and California governor Ronald Reagan is about to join a rather elite club–one of only a handful of Californians to have a day in their honor. [Los Angeles Times]

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill Monday, authorizing Feb. 6, the conservative icon’s birthday, as Ronald Reagan Day.

The governor also signed a second bill, establishing a state commission to plan celebrations in honor of Reagan’s 100th birthday in 2011.

Reagan joins union organizer Cesar Chavez, gay activist Harvey Milk, and environmentalist John Muir in having days of “special significance” established in their honor. Only Chavez has a legal state holiday.

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No excuse for Reagan, Bush, Cheney and Obama for their crimes against humanity. None.

Reagan & the Salvadoran Baby Skulls

By Robert Parry

January 30, 2007

Ronald Reagan’s many admirers may find this idea offensive, but – given a new report by the Washington Post – it might be fitting to have a display at Reagan National Airport to show how Salvadoran baby skulls were used as candle holders and good luck charms. Perhaps the presentation could contain skeletal remains of Guatemalans and Nicaraguans, too.

It might be modeled after skeletons on display in Cambodia from the slaughters by the Khmer Rouge. After all, it was President Reagan – more than any other person – who justified and facilitated the barbarity that raged through Central America in the 1980s, claiming the lives of tens of thousands of peasants, clergy and students, men, women and children.

Reagan portrayed the bloody conflicts as a necessary front in the Cold War, but the Central American violence was always more about entrenched ruling elites determined to retain their privileges against impoverished peasants, including descendants of the region’s Maya Indians, seeking social, political and economic reforms.

One of the most notorious acts of brutality occurred in December 1981 in and around the Salvadoran town of El Mozote. The government’s Atlacatl Battalion – freshly trained and newly armed thanks to Reagan’s hard-line policies – systematically slaughtered hundreds of men, women and children.

When the atrocity was revealed by reporters at the New York Times and the Washington Post, the Reagan administration showed off its new strategy of “perception management,” denying the facts and challenging the integrity of the journalists.

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Supporting right wing dictatorships in Latin America and responsible for the deaths and torture of hundreds of thousands, manipulating the hostage crisis, Iran/Contra, Ronald Reagan All American.

Ignorance of this mans evil does not suppress nor negate it.

Ronald Regan, lets take an honest look at the ole gipper and see where his conservative record stands against todays jackboot republicans. I know tea baggers and lobbyists alike love to say Reagan is the father of their movement but if he were around today , the Limbaughs, the Hannitys, the Becks and the Palins of this world would be calling him a Pol Pot communist Dont believe me? Well lets look at some of his highlight presidential decisions

After his intitial tax cuts for the rich Ronald Reagan signifigantly raised taxes on working Americans four times, including increasing the tax on self employment three time at an average increase of 48% and maximum increase of 60%. So long Mom and Pop Stores nitey night family owned hardware store.

He gave Amnesty to Illegal aliens, hello Juan Carlos

He negotiated with the evil empire soviets without preconditions

When American troops were attacked in Lebenon, killing 220 US Marines, Reagan made the choice to CUT AND RUN

The gipper negotiated with terrorists when he chose to give weapons to the fundamentalist Muslim regime of Iran

So what does that do for the gippers record? considering Obama has authorized drone strikes on American citizens. He has escalated the war in Afghanistan, given drug companies near monopolies by barring imports, extending patents and forgoing the government’s ability to negotiate lower prices, and before the BP disaster authorized expansive use of offshore oil drilling.

Suddenly it becomes apparent that the real conservative hero should actualy be Barak Hussein Obama and not that pansy sweet cheeked liberal Ronald Reagan

Sorry Mr. or Ms. Hotdog. I gather from your rancorous rant, you dearly miss the Carter years. Not me. A word to the wise; It is a good idea to look at yourself honestly and closely before labeling others with “ignorance and evil” just because they may disagree with you. Your malice towards others is not very healthy, on the mind or the body. Take care.

Some of us were students in the sixties and watched and listened to our leaders in that difficult time.Who can forget Governor RR approving deadly force to “restore order” on campus in California?

some of us cannot forget or let it go, ” if it takes a BLOODBATH, let’s get it over with” he was talking about American kids,our own kids, protesting the war and demonstrating for FREE SPEECH on campus were killed by state police, no honor for unapologetic murder, no sir no regrets. Ronald Reagan banality of evil, “we begin bombing in 15 minutes!” ha ha ha ha.

I would like to point out that before being elected, Reagan was more of a libertarian than a Republican, and he believed in cutting government at all levels, including defense. Perhaps many of you will write this off to coincidence, but John Hinckley Jr. was not exactly some random joe off the street. His father is, in fact, an oil man and a close friend of George Bush Sr. Prior to the shooting of Reagan, Hinckley Jr. was on the guest list for dinner at Neil Bush’s house for the following night.

Things that make you go hmmm…

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What a travesty. Reagan is the worst thing that happened to this nation, he started the ball rolling that is crushing us now. The neo cons will be thrilled their evil hero gets this honor. Christ, I thought we had a democratic legislature, must be a lot of blue dogs up there.

There is no end to the ignorance and evil in this country…

Ronald Reagan lays a wreath for WWII’s most elite troops GOD IS WITH US

I think evil is a little strong. That would imply intent to harm. I think Reagan did a lot of good and like MOST Presidents also had some misses. He helped in getting the process going on a divided Berlin. He did nothing but talk up the country and making it feel better about itself after coming out of the funk of the 70’s. Yes he may have changed some rulings on financial things that may be hurting us now but I don’t think he was trying to do it to harm or destroy the nation.

To his credit, he ended the National speed limit nightmare, no one misses that 55mph cap on travel.