Washington sees McCarthy as “rising star”

July 19, 2010

Cong. Kevin McCarthy, whose district includes much of San Luis Obispo County, continues to be tagged as a “rising star” in the Republican Party. [Politico]

Political observers are now suggesting that if the Republicans take back the House in the November elections, McCarthy might run for the powerful Majority Whip position. Pete Sessions of Texas and Mike Rogers of Michigan are also considering a run for the post.

McCarthy, seeking his third term in November,  currently serves as Chief Deputy Republican Whip.

The potential Majority Whip race could create a furious battle for a job that may not be on most voters’ radars, but has launched careers for powerful politicians like Tom DeLay, Tip O’Neill and Tom Foley.

Considered a critical political position, the Republican Majority Whip would be responsible for holding the line against any proposed domestic legislation from President Obama during the upcoming 2012 election campaign.

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I agree with the article. McCarthy is a rising star. I wish him the best.

Kevin has way too many dirty little secrets and connections with good ol boys here-Look at his donors and you’ll know what you need to know about him-Nic e enough guy-perfect politician…but see the $ from Bib Pharma, oil, gambling-Casinos, Land speculation, banking and development…same ol same ol…

He’s paid for already-

It’s interesting to me how many people curse these entities as evil associations, yet continue to frequent and invest in them.

I always find it interesting when Rep. McCarthy is on the Dave Congalton Show; Dave, potentially ever mindful of access to people in power, does a very “hands off” type of interviewing of Rep. McCarthy. Whenever I call in to ask McCarthy a tough question, Kevin does a very good job of avoiding answering the question or he will give an answer that has nothing to do with what was asked, and Dave either doesn’t always pick up on that, or he chooses to let the Congressman do his “dance” around confrontational questions. Kevin McCarthy is a slick politician who is very partisan, stays on task to promote his viewpoint and will not be swayed by stuff like “facts” and “reality”; I guess you could compare him to Able Maldonado in the sense that he is always looking for a way to promote himself, he is just better at it than Able is. Too bad “slick willie” is too closely associated with Bill Clinton, Kevin McCarthy certainly is a “slick willie”.

Dave: You are correct; I’m usually attempting to ask a question of Lois Capps that is in line with my political viewpoint- Lois is very good, but still not as much of a progressive as I would like to see. Next time she is on I will call in and ask her about closing Guantanamo Bay; that should be pretty “uncomfortable for her …

Dave, not up to Bob to be fair. That is your job, along with being hard hitting and diligent in getting your guests to respond to what is asked. For eons we have seen candidates and elected folks dodge questions, the moderators let them. Too bad, that let’s us all down, to give these so called public servants a ‘walk in the park’. I would not accuse you of that, I have heard you squeeze some on your show, and that is good. But maybe do a bit more, when it seems they are being evasive, condescending or outright lying.

But have you Dave? How fair is that?..

I’ll have to be more tuned into McCarthy’s answers from now on to see if I agree with you, but to compare him to Abel is hitting below the belt. Abel is truly his own species of ladder-climbing political perplexity. At least McCarthy doesn’t sell out his party in the way that Abel does. Oh, my land!

Ah yes, those annoying robo-calls at 8pm. His marketing degree at work.

Review the voting record:


BTW, politico is owned by Joe Allbritton’s son.

Aren’t we lucky – to have Kevin “Charlie” McCarthy as our local rep?

Just like his puppet namesake, he dutifully does what ever his big boy GOP handlers tell him to do.

Keep it up Kevin, but remember, when you reach the top you’ll actually need some ideas of your own.

I’ll bite. Cite your points, please?