Homeless ordered to vacate Sunny Acres

August 26, 2010

A San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge denied Dan de Vaul’s request to reconsider his previous ruling that the homeless have to vacate Sunny Acres because the buildings and facilities on the site are too dangerous for tenants. [KSBY]

For almost a decade, de Vaul has been housing dozens of homeless men and women in a farmhouse, a stucco barn, and a group of garden sheds on his 72-acre ranch northwest of San Luis Obispo on Los Osos Valley Road.

de Vaul’s attorney, John Belsher, told the court he has written statements from engineers and architects that the buildings are structurally sound. Nevertheless, the judge said that the tenants have to vacate the premises by Sept. 3.

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Send them all to the beach, or to the creek banks to live. And let county welfare pay for the logical conclusions. SLO can legislate its wishes, then absorb the realities.

A society is measured by its treatment of its neediest.

Socialism: how a society takes care of itself.

Perhaps Bobfromsanluis and Sansimeonsam wouldn’t mind if the homeless came and defecated and urinated in their yards since the leech fields on their property can handle the human waste better than the marsh where Dirty Dan is accepting money for hovels, however structurally sound they might be. Oh wait. Bobfromsanluis and Sansimeonsam have plumbing in their homes? Then they can accept several hundred homeless, since they are so concerned about the plight of these people who refuse to take advantage of county services. Why doesn’t Dan pay for sewer lines to his property, enough to cover the toilet requirements necessary for hygiene that is indispensable for public health? Oh that’s right. Dan can do no wrong, so slit trenches in the lowlands and e. coli in the stream are tolerable. Dan should have a right to allow a wast dump on his property, and his persecution is all a Mulholland plot to protect her living-room view. What a tremendously ill-informed couple of ingnoramuses bobfromsanluis and sansimonsam pretend to be.

Were it not that our current services are overutilized and underfunded that would be great… Unfortunately in this case, reality intrudes. Dan IS a county resource that is not funded by tax dollars, yet the Good Samaritans in our county are closing him down… SLO at its most natural. Which is to say, at its worst.

They are not shutting him down. They are telling him to stop housing people in unpermitted structures. This is what they have been telling him for years. If they were shutting him down they would be telling him to get rid of his tenants in the house, and they haven’t told him that.

Last I heard, he was going to put a large addition to the house and everyone would live there. See simple. Did you really think a judge would say it would be legal to house people in sheds and charge them rent?

I don’t “pretend” to be an ignoramus; if you feel that is what I am, that is your problem. My point about the judge having room for the homeless at his or her house was directed at the lack of “vision” that seems to permeate the leadership and enforcement branches of our county government. SLOBIRD has an excellent suggestion about how the county could put all the money into the new homeless center that no one wants on DeVaul’s property and upgrade all of the compliant issues you brought up as well and it would be a “win win” for everybody (apparently except for Christine Mullholland and her view shed). Is Dan DeVaul a royal pain in the butt for the county to deal with? I have no doubt, BUT, he does provide in a way that the county cannot (or will not) do, so much so that other county agencies actually send people his way! Since you seem to have such a clear idea about what is going on, how would you resolve the situation with the county and Sunny Acres?

What qualifies you for the category ignoramus is not how I feel about you, but instead your benighted state in this affair about Christine Mulholland. She and others had witnessed some incredibly inhumane treatment by DeVaul of his animals, involving a motor vehicle used to herd them, and ram them, and complaints were made to the animal welfare people. Other than that Christine did nothing until, as a city council person, she was approached by her constituents and asked to intervene in the unsanitary circus Dan was developing. Some of his activities are laudable, for sure, but it is important to remember that Sunny Achers is not an unalloyed bit of goodness. The tenant issue is a small part of the overall story about which you seem to know little.

um, okay; I did ask you for suggestions about how you would handle the Sunny Acres “problem”, last line of my last post- well?

I don’t understand! The County Homeless Coalition wants to spend several million dollars to build a homeless center down next to Social Services which no one wants and here we can take less money and upgrade the existing facilities (out of the air flight pattern, traffic, etc) plus have a working program which I read in the New Times and on this site and is supported already by probation and social services, etc. I know all the officials won’t have a building with their names plates on it, won’t be able to pat themselves on the shoulders, but seems more for the taxpayers and certainly a great working enviroment for clients. Who is Mullolland and this relationship with Gibson. How corrupt are these people and better yet, how do they hold these jobs forever? How is it that nothing moves in this County until somebody knows someboby and then the world moves.

——————-Good Points!

———————Oh, our court system does have some problems as now presented to our potential Governors! http://www.governormegwhitman.cohttp://www.senatorsamblakeslee.com http://www.governorjerrybrown.net

Hopfully one of these new Governors or State Senators will step in to help Sunny Acres? The whole State of California Hoimeless problem needs to be looked at to help house our homeless!

“Hoimeless” LOL

I think everyone who currently lives at sunny acres should set up camp on the steps of the courthouse. Better yet lets all take tents and set up makeshift camps in and around all of the government buildings downtown as a sort of protest!

This will give a boost to the 10 year plan to eliminate homelessness. The county should now provide these people with shelter. I think a camp city at the government center would do well. The “victims” could then use the county facilities for their personal needs during the day and then the creek after hours.

Where is government making any attempt to help with this issue. Granted Mr. de Vaul may be difficult to work with but that should not eliminate trying to help instead of hindering.

Well Bruce Gibson you should be proud of yourself. You can go now and get your reward from Christine Mullholland. Its a good thing she has plenty of money as i am sure you arent cheap. I would love the video of you licking her boots in total submission. Of course its a relief that the homeless will be better off in the creeks. Perhaps you and Pavvo Ogren can make a few more bucks by contracting out the landscaping to Ogrens relatives. By the way when you see your patroness Mullholland tell her to give Annie back to Chuck. If she wants a dumb animal to play with she already has Rogerfreberg as a neighbor…who could ask for anything more

Perhaps the judge has room at his (or hers) home for a few of the homeless currently living at Sunny Acres?