San Luis Obispo gets tough with landlords

August 3, 2010

City officials plan to mail 3,900 enforcement letters later this month to San Luis Obispo property owners who appear to be renting homes without maintaining a required business tax certificate and license. [Tribune]

Under the plan, property owners will be given one month to comply. If they do not, city officials say they will issue administrative citations up to $500 a day after the third straight day of non-compliance.

City officials believe they can garner an additional $80,000 per year by enforcing the law, which has been in effect since 1991. The money would go into the city’s General Fund.

Rental property owners pay 50 cents for each $1,000 in gross receipts annually. Any gross rental income less than $50,000 is levied a standard $59 annual tax.

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Another example of government meddling where they don’t belong.

What business is it of their’s if people rent their home, or room, or whatever, to others? In fact, what’s with this whole notion of a “business tax” to begin with anyway?

Disgusting example of people privileged to be elected to positions of decision-making using the color of law to impose themselves on others so they can fill their own pockets, pay for their extravagant perks.

I am all for playing by the rules and if I have to pay a little extra to have a rental property here, I will do it. HOWEVER, I will not stand for people like Councilman Allan Settle claiming his home in SLO is not a rental (he lives in A.G.) and getting away with not paying like the rest of us. If Allan pays, I will pay.

Amazing. Slo is overspending in pensions, fees for vehicles, etc. and what do they do? They chase $80,000. Not saying that every little bit doesn’t help but WHY is it that Gov. always goes after something small and then think that we, the masses, should rejoice at their feet that they are raising money? This is a drop in the bucket. WOW guess we should congratulate them for their hard work at closing the budget gap.

These fees will simply be passed on to the renter in higher monthly rent.

So basically this is an additional tax on students.

So with fixing up Higuera Street, new fire trucks, building leases that cost more than the building and the high repair bills for SLO PD’s race cars you can be sure there will be MORE fees to come!

The DBA will be thrilled .

Nail those slumlord greedsters! College kids have been forced to dwell in gross dumps by greedy “investors” who know they have an advantage over the kids (mostky their parents). I”ve been in many of these holes over the years and I’ve yet to see a decent one that I would want my kid in. Actually the whole enterprise is a blight upon SLO and has been for years.

¿Nail the slumlord greedsters?

College kids aren’t forced to do squat. If they don’t want to rent a rathole, they don’t have to. They (or their parents) can drop some larger coins and rent whatever quality they want and can afford.

My take is that landlords are filling a need — cheap housing. Sorry it isn’t cheap enough to suit your fancy. I am sure you can find a better housing deal at CSU Stanislaus.

Getting on topic: I will bet you implementation/enforcement of the fees will cost more than the fees collected. That’s how government works.


Their aren’t enough decent places to rent to house the mass of students, there are only ratholes. THAT”S THE PROBLEM. “Cheap housing” Huh? there are practically none of that available. Nice try skewing the facts but if you have 20k students and 5k overpriced ratholes to choose from and maybe 50 places considered decent, well, do the math. Your “take” is fake. Besides, your name is “racket” and of course your trying to defend one.

I’ve been in a hundred of them in my biz, they’re the worst thing to ever happen to slo. But the best racket, Racket.

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I wonder if Allan Settle will get one of these notices………anyone????