Santa Barbara County supervisors try to halt Diablo Canyon re-licensing

August 4, 2010

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors wants the federal government to not relicense the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in Avila Beach. [AP]

Supervisors voted Tuesday to send a letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, asking for a halt to the plant’s re-licensing because of concern over an earthquake fault near the PG&E-operated facility. In their letter, the supervisors call for further study of the earthquake fault.

County emergency services director Michael Harris says the recently discovered fault could generate a magnitude-6.5 quake. The plant is designed to withstand a magnitude-7.5 quake.

The vote in Santa barbara echos similar concerns expressed recently by the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.

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Typical Santa Barbara Free Loader mentality…

If it is PRIVATE SECTOR…..they say: shut it down, shut it down

or tax it, tax it….then shut it down.

If it is GOV”T SECTOR….great ….where is my check ????

What’s your problem…don’t you get a sweet gov’t deserving check like me ???

Seems like all of the HIGH PAID people on the central coast, as well as the poor

are all getting PAYOLA from the system… WHO NEEDS ANY PRIVATE SECTOR

ANY MORE ? WE gots a big printin’ press, and our money just comes ;cause we deserve it !

So what if there is NO private sector to pay for it, except Diablo, we can barrow ALL the money

we need from China ! AMEN !

Whereas our lazy Obispan BOS has done nothing to petition the feds to outlaw Santa Maria, which is far more dangerous in a real sense than Diablo Canyon is.

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