Maldonado struggling in lieutenant governor race

August 4, 2010

New financial reports indicate that Abel Maldonado’s campaign for California lieutenant governor is tens of thousands of dollars in debt, while the Republican still struggles to make himself known to voters. [Mercury News]

A Field Poll from July shows Maldonado trailing his opponent, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, by nine points. The same poll found that just 37 percent of California voters had formed an opinion of the former Central Coast state senator.

“I’m clearly the underdog,” Maldonado said Tuesday. “I’m running against the mayor of San Francisco.”

In the first six months of 2010, Maldonado raised $616,000, but spending left the campaign $171,000 in debt, according to his financial report. Newsom, meanwhile, raised nearly $1.4 million over the same time period and still had nearly a half million dollars in the bank.

The office of lieutenant governor, while largely ceremonial, includes filling in for the governor when he’s away and sitting on a number of state boards.

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Maldonado may be a local boy, but I can’t say I blame people for rejecting him – he voted for one of the largest tax increases in California history – a complete 180 from the Republican Party platform of low taxes. Who are these people who vote and conduct themselves the complete opposite of their party? I would hate to see what he would do as governor.

Since his so-called “humble” beginnings in Santa Maria, he’s always had a “smooching” problem.

If these two are our only choices, please let’s do away with the Lt. Gov. position and save the state some money.

I for one am impressed that he knows that he is running against the Mayor of San Francisco. Oh well if he loses it will give him an excuse not to pay his taxes….. I guess those on the dole are the last to belly up to the bar to pay their fair share, even it its to pay themselves.

Poor Maldonado!

As the governator’s good friend and supporter, he obviously is sharing the governator’s poll ratings.

I am looking towards a true fruit and nut bowl composed of Moonbeam and Newsome. A perfect meal in the land of fruits and nuts.