Annie the dog throws Cortez a bone

September 7, 2010

Sheriff’s candidate Joe Cortez picked up the most unusual endorsement of the fall election campaign thus far by scoring a “paws up” from Annie the Australian shepherd. [KSBY]

The South County dog, who was the recent subject of local media attention, will be a special guest of Cortez at this week’s fundraiser at the Thousand Hills Ranch in Pismo Beach. Annie will be joined by his owner, Chuck Hoage, who has endorsed Cortez in the sheriff’s race against Ian Parkinson.

“I can’t wait to meet her,” Cortez said. “Folks coming to the fundraiser are also excited to meet her.”

In response, Parkinson issued a statement saying, “”I am happy that Annie ‘s situation appears to have been resolved and I wish all the parties involved only the best.”

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Danika and Gemini,

Reality Check for you two. Don’t bag on Chuck just because he is supporting the right candidate for sheriff. Ian make me want to go, Hmmmmmm! Who troll’s nursing homes and persuades elderly people for their vote. Sick in my opinion.

So some “anonymous” person bought Chuck and Annie tickets to the fundraiser…….hmmm… my opinion this makes cortez look shady. Anyone who doesn’t see what Cortez’s camp is doing here is an idiot.

All of you “poor Annie” people are now ok with this dog being used for political gain?


Good Choice old girl!!

I wasn’t planning on going to this particular fund raiser because I already donated to Cortez and have his sign’s in my yard but I want to meet Annie. Looks like Joe gets another donation from me but I consider it well spent and this time it’s a “two fer” :)

awww danika, I don’t mind it a bit. Everybody knows that the entire Annie episode had nothing to do with politics. If Chuck want’s to endorse Cortez that is his call and we all know that Annie agrees with Chuck :)

So what if Annie endorsed Cortez? The TT endorsed Parkinson and trashed Dave Congalton and the Friends of Annie and who is accusing the TT of slapping anyone in the face, even though they did?

Cindy, I am in total agreement with you about the TT. I just think using Annie to appeal to the public vote is in poor taste. Totally ok for Chuck tho. I don’t like using animals for gain for any reason. I’m probably alone in this, and that’s ok too.

Danika, I am in complete agreement with you and i am a big Cortez supporter.

Sappho, why don’t you just go back to the Island from which you hail and work on your poetry. (working on the poetry is optional, leaving is mandatory. Your namesake would be ashamed of you)

Sorry SSS, Accidentally gave a red down. I don’t agree with danika or Sappho.

Nancy, I gave SSS a green thumbs up to counter the accidental red down you gave there. It’s totally ok to not agree. Blessings.

I am heartened to hear Parkinson take the high ground on the issue. I had expected less of him.

Is there any ground that he can take, as if he can do jack s*** about it anyway? I’d say that taking no ground as in keeping his dumb a** mouth shut always works out best for Ian. I would still like to hear what he is doing about his gang in the uniforms including his #1 member Amy Chastin that trashed Mr Millian (sp) and cost us all a behind doors settlement of 200K, that question is just for starters.

You know I am disheartened as well but on many more levels than just one irresponsible dog owners political stance. I am more disheartened at the way the adoptive family was treated by members of our community. I am disheartened by the fact that the new irresponsible owner has not been held accountable on so many levels as well as using donated Annie funds to now pay for her vet bills? Is that what you donated that money for, so he can have a fuller pocketbook over your bleeding hearts?

I am dishearted by the fact that he found Annie at some horse event and after the event was over he took (with capitals) her from her old owners. He made no attempts to find her owner years ago , and when the event was over he told her to “load up” and she did and he just scurried away. If he wants to play the “ranch dog” card, I am sure she was one then and was just doing her thing at an event that she had been to before. I wonder if this whole Annie bs is called karma for is lack of a “caring heart” or for being a “dog napper” all those years ago. What is that saying , what goes around come around? Hmmm…..

I am disheartened that Chuck has used our support for the return of Annie as a political pawn. I think this is a slap in the face to everyone who worked so diligently in her return. Chuck, SHAME on you. Certainly made me go “hmmmmmm”…